OH! Hi! The Teddy woves wistening to music! I yike to pway music too!! Daddy yikes to pway and wisten to music too!! He wistens to what the Teddy can onwy descwibe as cwazy people music! Teeheeheee! Acshuwy, the Teddy yikes a wot of daddys music!

So the Teddy would yike to know what kind of music you wisten to. And what kind your humen(s) wisten to. Whats your favwite band or artist? Daddys favwite changes all the time teheehehe!!

Whats your favwite song? And your humens? The Teddy doesnt weawwy have a favwite teheheehe!!

Pwease share your ansers in the comments section. You dont need to make an account or anything to comment so feel fwee to weave your ansers for me!! Thank you vewy much for weading my bwog!


OH! And guess what you pwobabwy didnt know about the Teddy? The Teddy is the gweatest wapper ever!! Heres a demonstwation of my wapping skills! Teeheeehee!!

♫Yo yo yo my name is Teddy!

I’m the gweatest wapper in the whole wide world!

I bop evwybody on the face,

And when thare not wooking, I steal thare potatoes!

YO! ♫