Question for humens

OH HI! The Teddy would yike to ask a question for humens. Do any of you humens who have teddys of any sort take your teddys outside wif you? Yike, do you take your teddys pwaces?

If you dont, may the Teddy ask why? The Teddy isnt going to judge if you dont. I stay home most of the time myself. Zenkycon was the first weal time that the Teddy went out into pubwic.

The Teddy understands that thare are pwobabwy many weasons why humens wouldnt take their teddys out. I know that some humens are vewy mean and jujmental and that can be a weal detewwant to taking your teddys out. Tha’s part of why the Teddy doesnt go out weawwy.

So the Teddy is jus cuwious. Pwease weave any answers and comments for the Teddy in the comments section bewow. The Teddy apwesheates it. Bye bye for now!

New Toy!

OH! Hi evwyone! Wook at my new toy!!

Rubiks Teddy 02

Daddy says its called a Wubix Snake. The Teddy doesnt think it wooks yike a snake though. The Teddy has wots of fun wif this siwwy thing. I wearned how to make diffwent things wif it. Yike, wemember how the Teddy said it doesnt wook yike a snake? Watch this!!

Rubiks Teddy 04

Now it wooks yike a cobwa!! Isnt that so cool? You can make all sorts of stuff wif a Wubix Snake! Now I have a pet cobwa! I can pet it and feed it! I named it Potato. Teeheeeheehee!! Wook what else the Teddy can make!!

Rubiks Teddy 03

The Teddy made a ball! Well as cwose to ball as I could teeheehee! But its so much fun! This snake is so much fun! I enjoy wearning to make new things! Even when I mess up its fun! The Teddy has made multiple things wif the Wubix Snake by accident, teeheehee!!

This wast one I made because I wanted evwyone to know how much I wove them. The Teddy woves you all so much! Your all so vewy nice for always weading my bwog all the time. I weawwy appwesheate it!

Rubiks Teddy 01

Well I hope you had fun watching me wif my Wubix Snake. Teeheehee! Bye bye!!

Teddy Fwiends

The Teddy has made a wot of fwiends since joining the onwine world. The vewy many teddys, humens, and anipals that I have met is acshuwy pwetty overwhelming. The Teddy is so vewy happy to have been accepted so openwy and happiwy by evwyone. I hope that I can continue make new fwiends as I continue posting on my bwog and my twitter. The Teddy hopes that evwyone yikes her as much as she yikes them!

The Teddy thinks fwiends are so important to evwyone. Fwiends can be thare for you when you feel you have nobody else. Whenever something sad happens, a fwiend can be thare to pick you up! The Teddy thinks evwyone should twy to make as many fwiends as possible.

The Teddy has a few fwiends who shes gwown espeshuwy attached to, like Zombie Jim and Mickey the Bear. I think its so vewy important to have at weast a few fwiends who you are extwemewy cwose to. Best fwiends can be some of the most important ones in your wife. Best fwiends will oftentimes do anything for each other. The Teddy thinks that kind of bond is a vewy speshul one.

The Teddy knows this post hasnt weawwy been much of a weal one. But I weawwy wanted evwyone to know how important fwiends are to the Teddy. Fwiends can help to change you into a better teddy (or humen). The Teddy yikes to think that all her fwiends have helped make her a better teddy. And I hope that I’ve helped make all of my fwiends better.

Well tha’s all for the Teddy for now. I hope you all yiked my simple post. Pwease, if the Teddy has had a positive impact in your wife, let me know. I wove all of my fwiends! Thank you for weading! Bye bye for now!

The Teddy is cuwious

Oh hi! I’m the Teddy! The Teddy is cuwious as to what other teddys and humens yike to do for fun. Do you yike to read? Wite? Watch tv and movies? Pway video games? Pway board games? Go adventuwing?

The Teddy yikes to do all kinds of things! I weawwy yike adventuring, espeshuwy if it means I get potatoes!! But I also yike to do simple things. Watching tv is fun! Theres so many types of shows to watch! Its jus so fun! I also yike to wead books! The Teddy does pwefer to be wead to, but I don’t mind weading to myself, teeheehee!

Sometimes the Teddy thinks about expworing outside by herself, but that seems pwetty unsafe. I think I pwefer expworing wif others better anyways. One day the Teddy would yike to twavel to other pwaces to meet new teddys, anipals, and humens. I think a wot of my twitter fwiends wive in some pwace called Yurup, so that might be a fun pwace to visit one day!

Sometimes the Teddy yikes to dwaw picshures! I’m not the best artist in the world, but its weawwy fun so who cares? If you yike something, it doesn’t matter if your good it. Jus have fun!

So what do you yike to do for fun? Pwease let the Teddy know in the comments bewow. I would weawwy yike your feedback! Thank you so much!


Oh hi! I’m the Teddy! I’m gonna tell you a wittle about my yife at home.

My mommy and daddy have two cats. Thare names are Devon and Scottie. Devon is a girl and Scottie is a boy. I weawwy yike them, but they don’t yike me or my bwothers or sisters. One time, my sister Fwoppy Teddy was walking by thare kitty tower and Devon weached out and stuck her cwaw in Fwoppy Teddys face! And one time she attacked Sigh yike a wild animal!

It’s not easy wiving wif cats when your a teddy. You twy to be nice to them but then they just act like meanie heads! Scottie wuns away whenever one of us goes near him. Even if we’re weawwy cwiet. So what the Teddy yikes to do is hide on daddys back and then when he goes to pet the Scottie, I pounce! I start petting him and make him purr! Whenever he notices that the Teddy is petting him, he runs away as fast as he can!

Sometimes we can pet Devon if we’re careful. But we have to sneak up on her to do it. The Teddy has gotten pwetty good at it, but sometimes she still gets me. Maybe the Teddy should jus wear a suit of armor.

If any of you have twoublesome pets, how do you handle them? Any tips for the Teddy? Let me know in the comments bewow. Thank you for wetting em wamble on about mommy and daddys kitties. Teeheehee! Bye bye! The Teddy woves you all! *hugs*

The Teddy is back!

OOH! Zenkycon was so fun for the Teddy!! Thare were so many humens dwessed up in vawious costumes!! And thare were wots of fun things to do! Mommy and daddy went to something called a Cue and A wif someone called Cwinton Fwynn and one wif someone called Fill Lamar. The Teddy doesnt know who they are, but it was fun to wisten to them anser questions that other humens asked. The Teddy wearned a wot and now wants to be something called a voiss acter someday! 🐻🐻

They also went to something called a burwesk show? I told mommy and daddy that I was going to take a teddy nap duwing it, but I didn’t mweeheehee! If you ever think to go to one, don’t. It’s jus humens taking some cwothes off. There was fun music though, teeheehee!!🐻

There was an event called Cospway Dating. It was kind of siwwy. It was humens dwessed up as cawacters fwom vawious things pwetending to be on a dating show. It was pwetty funny to see so many diffwent cawacters together. Teehee! Thare was a more adult version water in the day. I pwetended to seep during that one too, but I didnt weawwy mweeheehee!! 🐻🐻

OH! Then there was this thing called cospway maskerade. It was where wots of dwessed up humens went on stage and got jujed on how good they were. It was wots of fun! There was a Star Wars wive action fighting game at the end of it, which was weawwy fun too!🐻

The Teddy had so much fun! I got a wot of picshures wif humens! PICSHURE TIME! 🐻🐻

This is the Teddy waffing eviwwy after steawing Thors hammer! Mwehehehe!!!

Teddy 19

This is the Teddy after getting a badge for the Con!

Teddy 10

Oh no! The Teddy got attacked by a monster!!

Teddy 11

But the Teddy was saved by some keysord fighter humens!

Mommy twied to get a picshure of herself, but the Teddy said no!

Teddy 06

Duwing one of mommy and daddys snack bweaks, the Teddy found this notebook and started witing the names of evwyone I want to meet in it!

Teddy 09

It’s hard to see it but the Teddy has a faiwy in a bottle!

Teddy 18

The Teddy is the new god of thunder!! Mweheehee!!

Teddy 17

These picshures show the pwoper way to bop someone on the face!

Mommy gave the Teddy some beads! Then I eated them because I thought they were wittle purple potatoes…

Teddy 14

These two wosers twied to be more popawer than the Teddy…but the Teddy is much better!!!

Teddy 13

You should always stop to smell the fwowers…and then eat them…teeheehee!

I had to sniff this Joteon because I thought it had potatoes. It didn’t…

Teddy 15

We went outside for a while and the Teddy got stuck in this weird bush…

Teddy 02

On the way back we got wunch!! Not potatoes but still super nummy!

Teddy 03

OOH! And the Teddy met Wady Woki! Shes super evil jus yike the Teddy!

Teddy 01

Well, tha’s all of my picshures. I hope you enjoyed seeing my Zenkycon adventure! I wove you all! Bye bye!!



The Teddys first con and Faiwie Festival

Oh hi!! The Teddy is excited to go to Zenkycon and Faiwie Festival this weekend! I’ve never gone to a con or Faiwie Fest, so I think it’ll be wots of fun for the Teddy!! I hope to get wots of picshures so I can share my expewiences! My mommy and daddy say people dwess up for these kind of events, so the Teddy is excited to see evwyone dwessed up! I’m not dwessing up for Zenkycon but my mommy made me some makeshif faiwy wings so I can be a faiwy Teddy on Sunday when  we go to the Faiwie Festival! My bwother Spwocket was adopted at the Faiwie Festival, so we’re taking him wif us so he can visit!

I think this weekend will be vewy fun for the Teddy. I hope evwyone else has a good weekend too!! *big hugs* The Teddy woves you all and hopes you continue to visit my bwog! Thank you so much!! Bye bye!

Oh hi!

I’m the Teddy! I just wanted to say I wove you all so much! Evwyone Ive met onwine is super nice to the Teddy and I weawwy apwesheate it! I twy so hard to nice and make evwyone happy and make ewyone smile. I feel yike I’ve been doing a pwetty good job so far. The Teddy thinks evwyone Ive met onwine has helped make me better teddy. I weawwy hope that Ive had a positive effect on evwyone. It means so much to the Teddy when you come to my bwog. So thank you so much for visiting and I will twy to keep posting stuff to make evwyone happy. And pwease feel fwee to weave comments for the Teddy if you want. You don’t need a bwog of your own to comment. The Teddy apwesheates feedback. Thank you! Bye bye!

Excuse the Teddy…[Sewious Post]

The Teddy normawwy doesn’t yike to be sewious. And I know evwyone espects the Teddy to be cute and funny. But sometimes the Teddy needs to be a sewious teddy.

The Teddy watches a wot of tv wif my mommy and daddy. I also see stuff on the internets when they are onwine. And a wot of what the Teddy sees is vewy confusing. And it makes the Teddy sad.

The Teddy weawwy woves her mommy and daddy. And I wove a wot of the humens I’ve met onwine. But humens weawwy confuse the Teddy.

Humens are vewy important for Teddys. We wely on humens to take care of us. And many teddys have an inhewent need to take care of humens. And many humens need us to take care of them.

But humens dont seem capable of cawing for each other yike they should. The stuff that I see on the shows my mommy and daddy watch, as well as what the Teddy sees happening where they wive and where my fwiends wive makes me vewy sad.

Humens tend to be vewy mean to each other. They sometimes act horribwy towards each other because of what they call wace. The Teddy doesn’t know what that is, but I don’t understand why they would be mean to each other because of it. My daddy tells me it jus means people wook diffwent. But it doesnt make sense to the Teddy. Many teddys wook diffwent, but we don’t tweat each other badwy because of it.

And in some pwaces the humens of a diffwent wace that get tweated badwy dont wook any diffwent than most other humens in that pwace.  Fwom what the Teddy understands, some people dont consider some waces as being weal because they are also weligions. But that doesn’t matter. Humens should understand that all peeple are jus peeple.

The Teddy can’t understand how humens can be so mean to each other. I jus don’t understand it at all. It makes the Teddy sad to see what humens put each other thwough. Especially if thare my fwiends and family.

No humen is better than another humen. Teddys (at weast the teddys Ive met) all understand that we’re all jus teddys and we twy our best to be nice to each other. I think that humens could weawwy wearn a wot fwom teddys when it comes to tweating each other better.

The Teddy weawwy hopes that humens can wearn to tweat each other better. I wish we could wive in a world where evwyone tweated each other better.

Well, tha’s all the Teddy has to say. Sowwy for being so sewious. I know it’s mostwy wambling, but it weawwy makes the Teddy sad. Pwease consider tweating your fewwow humens better.

The Teddy pwomises to be super cute and siwwy in the next post.

Anser to the widdle!

Oh hi! So the Teddys contest has ended and pwizes have been given out!

So now here is the anser to the widdle!!

The cowwect anser was that the Teddy ate no potatoes because the sacks all had cats and kittens in them. Not potatoes like I had thought…

So the stowy behind this Teddy widdle and contest is that the Teddy weawwy was going to st ives. I weawwy did meet a man wif seven wives. He got pwetty mad when the Teddy started looking thwough the sacks the wives had. He was all yike “get out of those sacks”, but I just bopped him on the face and kept wooking thwough the sacks. But they onwy had cats and kittens. So the Teddy took them, mwehehehe!!!

I have a pwetty good idea for evwyone who won sack! You can fill them wif potatoes and give them back to the Teddy!!!

Teddy 2