Featured Teddy sibwing: Fwoppy Teddy

Hewwo evwyone! My name is Fwoppy Teddy! I am Teddys wittle sister. I wike to sing and dance and pway hide and seek wif my bwothers and sisters.

I’m vewy cwose to my sister Wittle Teddy. She’s so wittle and easy for me to hug. Hugs are vewy fun! I wove to hug evwybody, Well evwybody nice that is! I think evwybody could use more hugs.

Sometimes I wike to be notty and knock my daddys stuff onto the fwoor. Mwehehe!

Even thou I’m a notty teddy sometimes my daddy has been teeching me how to weed books. I weawwy wike books about bears and teddys. I also wike fantasy books. It’s weawwy cool to wead about dwagons and unicones and udder cweatures wike that.

I hope evwyone wikes the Fwoppy Teddy! Bye bye!teddy-27.jpg