Question for humens

OH HI! The Teddy would yike to ask a question for humens. Do any of you humens who have teddys of any sort take your teddys outside wif you? Yike, do you take your teddys pwaces?

If you dont, may the Teddy ask why? The Teddy isnt going to judge if you dont. I stay home most of the time myself. Zenkycon was the first weal time that the Teddy went out into pubwic.

The Teddy understands that thare are pwobabwy many weasons why humens wouldnt take their teddys out. I know that some humens are vewy mean and jujmental and that can be a weal detewwant to taking your teddys out. Tha’s part of why the Teddy doesnt go out weawwy.

So the Teddy is jus cuwious. Pwease weave any answers and comments for the Teddy in the comments section bewow. The Teddy apwesheates it. Bye bye for now!

Oh! Books!

I weawwy yike when my daddy weads books to me. I’m not too good at weading by myself so I need my daddy or my mommy to wead to me. I do pwactice weading but sometimes its weawwy hard.

One book I wove my daddy to wead to me is a book cawwed It’s a Bwight World to Feel Wost In by Mawson bear. Mawson is a vewy cute awther bear. I weawwy think evwyone should wead it!

Mawson Bear has a bwog and I would apwesheate if evwyone would wook at it

Thank you evwyone!