The Teddy jus wanted to check in…

The Teddy hopes fwiends are doing well. Espeshuwy wif the world still being so vewy cwazy. Were still on a night schedule here so the Teddy hasnt been able to see fwiends as much as shed yike to. I miss you all!

The Teddy wants you to know that jus because I cant be onwine as much, Im still here for my fwiends! Thares so much cwaziness going on evwywhere and the world is a pwetty scawy pwace at the moment. So its important to be thare for each other.

The Teddy is hoping that the world gets back to normal soon. The Teddy wowwies about evwyone wif all tha’s going on. Mommy and daddy are still on thare night shifts at work so they wuckiwy dont have to deal wif any of the cwazy people that theyve heard about being at the store.

The Teddy knows were starting to open up more here in the US and that more pwaces are going ‘gween’ but that doesnt mean thare wont be a second wave of this viwus. So pwease be careful when out in pubwic.

Tha’s all fwom the Teddy. Jus a quick check in wif fwiends! Thank you for visiting my bwog!! And pwease stay safe my fwiends!

It’s ok…

to be scawed. Many fwiends have talked about being scwawed wecentwy. And it’s vewy understandable. With all tha’s going on in the world wight now, its onwy fair to be scawed. The Teddy is afwaid. And its compwetewy normal for us to be afwaid.

But while this may be the case, we dont need to let the fear wule our lives. We have to stay stwong for one another. Thare are so many people who are panicking and going out and buying up things yike cwazy. Weve all seen it on tv and the internet or heard it fwom others. Its vewy wowwying to many of us.

But instead of panicking ourselves, lets give support to each other. If we know one of our fwiends is weawwy scared, give them extwa hugs and send them some wove. We need to be the support for each other. Espeshuwy as things pwogwess. This thing going awound is nothing for us to take wightly. But we can all face it together.

So lets all be here for one another. The Teddy woves you all and will do her best to be here for you should need a fwiend to talk to or jus a distwaction fwom the cwaziness! *big hugs*Thinking Teddy


OH! Hi fwiends! Its been a while since they Teddy has made a post!!! So HI!!!!

The Teddy is hoping that since were neawing the awwival of Spwing that maybe well be able to start going on some adventures!! We havent weawwy had one for a while. Though we have invited some new fwiends into the hug!! And my big bwother Teddy has been thinking up some new stowy ideas since hes not witten one in quite a while!!! So keep an eye out for those!!!

Do any fwiends have any adventures pwanned for once Spwing gets here? Pwease let the Teddy know in the comments!! Thank you!! *big hugs* The Teddy woves you!!!

Thinking Teddy


Oh. Hewwo there. The Teddy has a question for you. The Teddy would yike to know what fwiends mean to you. To me, fwiends are those who you can always count on to make you smile. Or to make you giggle. Fwiends are there to pick you up when your feewing down. Or maybe a fwiend is jus thare to wisten when you need it.

Fwiends come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as big as an ewefant. Or they can be as small as a cwicket. But no matter the shape and size, a fwiend is a fwiend.

Sometimes our fwiends wive far away fwom us. But tha’s ok. Fwiends wove one another, and the cwazy thing about wove is that it doesn’t care about distance. Wove is a magical thing that can reach anybody, anywhere. You jus have to let it. And fwiends are weawwy good at sending thare wove to each other. The Teddy bewieves that wove is the stwongest force in the universe. And its something that the whole world could use more of.

But sometimes you may have a day where it feels yike you dont have any fwiends. You may feel awone and sad. In times yike these, you weawwy jus have to twust that thare is someone out there who is thinking of you. Someone who woves you. Because thare is ALWAYS someone. Even if you dont know it, its twue. The Teddy cannot bewieve otherwise. So if you are ever having a bad day, jus wemember that somebody cares. Maybe somebody you dont even know yet. But there is always somebody.

The Teddy has made so many vewy nice fwiends thwough twitter, and she is vewy gwad to have done so. The Teddy holds her fwiends so cwose to her heart and woves all them so much! Now, the Teddy knows she is wittle, and that means her heart is too. But the funny thing about hearts is that they can hold an infinite amount of wove. Hearts and wove go together yike the Teddy and potatoes! Teehee!

Sometimes the Teddy feels weawwy sad when a fwiend is upset and she cant help them. The Teddy onwy wants to make evwyone happy and smile and waugh. So when I cant do that, it hurts. And makes me sad. I dont yike being a sad teddy ball.

So pwease, if your ever having a bad day or even jus a bad moment, talk to the Teddy. Or if you dont want to talk to me, pwease talk to someone. I pwomise that thare is always somebody who woves you and will wisten to you and do thare best to make you feel better. If nothing else, you may get some hugs out of it. Hugs can help, even if onwy a wittle.

The Teddy is sowwy to have taken up your time wif such a siwwy wittle thing yike this bwog post. But I jus weawwy need everyone to understand that I wove you all and you are all so vewy important to me. Pwease dont ever forget that.

Featured Teddy sibwing: Sigh

Oh h-h-hi. My n-name is S-S…my name is S-Sigh. I know Teddy alweady f-featured me wif my bwother T-T-T…my bwother Teddy, but I wanted to t-tell a wit-wit-w-wittle about myself. I am a wittle c-c-cow. I was attacked by s-s-some sor…some sor…s-s-some sort of anim-m…animal before m-mommy and daddy adop…adopted me. You can pwobabwy see in my p-p-picshure that I..I…I don’t have…don’t have…I don’t have eyes. And I have a pwetty b-big booboo on my hea…my head. I think thas why I tal…talk f-f-funny. I asked T-T-Teddy to t-type out how I…how I…h-how I t-talk so that evwyone knows that Im not…Im not ashamed of it.

I weawwy w-wove my bw-bwothers and my…and…and my sis-si-sisters. I used to be m-much shyer than I am now. I weawwy w-wike to pw-pway games wif evwybody. Usuwy one of th-them has to h-h-help me, but we still have wots of…wots…wots of fun.

I think it’s impor…impor…important for evwyone to know th-th-that its ok to wook diffewent. And its ok to t-talk funny too. My m-mommy and dad…mommy and d-daddy still wove me vewy…vewy much. So do my bw-bwothers and sisters. It m-m-makes me a h-happy cow.

Cow Face on HTC Sense 7
Before I g-go, I wanted to share a w-w-wittle song I wote. It’s kinda stupid, b-b-but I wike…I wike it.
🎶 My…my n-name is Sigh and I’m a c-cow!
🎶 B-b-but I can…can’t jump over
🎶 The moon
🎶 Because I don’t know h-how!



Oh hi, I’m the Teddy! My bwothers Teddy and Percy and me would yike to thank evwyone for visiting us here today! We got twenty for views today! Yey!! So thank you vewy much evwyone who stopped by to see the teddys! We weally appwesheate it!

We hope we continyu to get more visits. We hope to get some comments on our posts so we can make some new fwiends. We yike making fwiends. Heres a hug from me to you for being so nice and visiting my bwog *hug*

Bye bye now!Teddy 14

Good morning evwyone!

It is cuwwentwy five sixteen in the morning, wich is still pwetty erwy I think. But my mommy has to go to work pwetty soon. I hope evwyone is having a pweasant morning and I would yike to show my apwesheashun to evwyone who has wooked at my teddy bwog by giving you a all a big hug. *hugs*

Even wittle teddys like me can give big hugs. 🙂

In a wittle bit, evwyone will get to meet one of my bwothers. He’s a weally nice teddy,  but he can be pwetty shy. I hope you all yike him.

That is all for the Teddy. I am going to pway wif my daddys toys. I hope I get more visitors today. Oh, and pwease feel fwee to weave a comment for the Teddy. I yike to make new fwiends. Bye bye now!

Teddy 12