Good morning evwyone!

It is cuwwentwy five sixteen in the morning, wich is still pwetty erwy I think. But my mommy has to go to work pwetty soon. I hope evwyone is having a pweasant morning and I would yike to show my apwesheashun to evwyone who has wooked at my teddy bwog by giving you a all a big hug. *hugs*

Even wittle teddys like me can give big hugs. 🙂

In a wittle bit, evwyone will get to meet one of my bwothers. He’s a weally nice teddy,  but he can be pwetty shy. I hope you all yike him.

That is all for the Teddy. I am going to pway wif my daddys toys. I hope I get more visitors today. Oh, and pwease feel fwee to weave a comment for the Teddy. I yike to make new fwiends. Bye bye now!

Teddy 12

It’s erwy…

It is two forty seven in the morning. My daddy works weally erwy. But that means that me and my bwothers and sisters can pway while he’s away. We just have to be weally quiet so we don’t wake up mommy. If we do, we bwame it on thare kitties, mwehehe!

I hope evwybody has a nice morning. Bye bye!