Excuse the Teddy…[Sewious Post]

The Teddy normawwy doesn’t yike to be sewious. And I know evwyone espects the Teddy to be cute and funny. But sometimes the Teddy needs to be a sewious teddy.

The Teddy watches a wot of tv wif my mommy and daddy. I also see stuff on the internets when they are onwine. And a wot of what the Teddy sees is vewy confusing. And it makes the Teddy sad.

The Teddy weawwy woves her mommy and daddy. And I wove a wot of the humens I’ve met onwine. But humens weawwy confuse the Teddy.

Humens are vewy important for Teddys. We wely on humens to take care of us. And many teddys have an inhewent need to take care of humens. And many humens need us to take care of them.

But humens dont seem capable of cawing for each other yike they should. The stuff that I see on the shows my mommy and daddy watch, as well as what the Teddy sees happening where they wive and where my fwiends wive makes me vewy sad.

Humens tend to be vewy mean to each other. They sometimes act horribwy towards each other because of what they call wace. The Teddy doesn’t know what that is, but I don’t understand why they would be mean to each other because of it. My daddy tells me it jus means people wook diffwent. But it doesnt make sense to the Teddy. Many teddys wook diffwent, but we don’t tweat each other badwy because of it.

And in some pwaces the humens of a diffwent wace that get tweated badwy dont wook any diffwent than most other humens in that pwace.  Fwom what the Teddy understands, some people dont consider some waces as being weal because they are also weligions. But that doesn’t matter. Humens should understand that all peeple are jus peeple.

The Teddy can’t understand how humens can be so mean to each other. I jus don’t understand it at all. It makes the Teddy sad to see what humens put each other thwough. Especially if thare my fwiends and family.

No humen is better than another humen. Teddys (at weast the teddys Ive met) all understand that we’re all jus teddys and we twy our best to be nice to each other. I think that humens could weawwy wearn a wot fwom teddys when it comes to tweating each other better.

The Teddy weawwy hopes that humens can wearn to tweat each other better. I wish we could wive in a world where evwyone tweated each other better.

Well, tha’s all the Teddy has to say. Sowwy for being so sewious. I know it’s mostwy wambling, but it weawwy makes the Teddy sad. Pwease consider tweating your fewwow humens better.

The Teddy pwomises to be super cute and siwwy in the next post.