Anser to the widdle!

Oh hi! So the Teddys contest has ended and pwizes have been given out!

So now here is the anser to the widdle!!

The cowwect anser was that the Teddy ate no potatoes because the sacks all had cats and kittens in them. Not potatoes like I had thought…

So the stowy behind this Teddy widdle and contest is that the Teddy weawwy was going to st ives. I weawwy did meet a man wif seven wives. He got pwetty mad when the Teddy started looking thwough the sacks the wives had. He was all yike “get out of those sacks”, but I just bopped him on the face and kept wooking thwough the sacks. But they onwy had cats and kittens. So the Teddy took them, mwehehehe!!!

I have a pwetty good idea for evwyone who won sack! You can fill them wif potatoes and give them back to the Teddy!!!

Teddy 2

Contest time!

DISCWAIMER: Any pwizes given out by the Teddy may or may not be weal. Pwease take this into account when considewing not entewing the contest. Then enter anyways because its siwwy and fun!


Oh hi! I’m the Teddy! I’m holding a contest! The contest is a cwassic widdle…wif a twist! Pwease comment wif your anser to the widdle. The firs one to get the cowwect anser will win the gwand pwize!! Any cowwect ansers after the firs will get a smawwer, but still gweat pwize! Enjoy the Teddy contest!

And how, the widdle:

As the Teddy was going to St Ives, she met a man wif seven wives.

Evwy wife had seven sacks.

Evwy sack had seven cats.

Evwy cat had seven kittens.

Kittens, cats, sacks, wives.

How many potatoes did the Teddy eat?


Ansers in the comments pwease!!