A Little Teddy has an Adventure

Teddy 38

Oh, hello there. My name is Teddy, and I shall be reading a bedtime story. Our first story is called A Little Teddy has an Adventure. I hope you enjoy it.


A Little Teddy has an Adventure

Once upon a time, long ago in far away kingdom, there lived a little teddy. She lived in a small village with her mommy and daddy and her many many brothers and sisters. Their mommy and daddy worked normal jobs and the teddies played and frolicked about the house and yard. They lived a very simple life with little to no adventure.

But the little teddy really wanted to have an adventure. She didn’t mind the simple life, but the idea of having a real adventure just made her so excited. One day she approached her brothers and sisters and explained to them about her dreams of being an adventurer. She tried to talk a few of them into having an adventure, but they were more than content with their simple lives. So the little teddy decided to head out on her own to have a real adventure.

The little teddy gathered up everything she figured she would need for her adventure. Not ever having been on an adventure, she wasn’t really sure what she should have. So she put some potatoes into a backpack and she was ready. She stacked a bunch of books by the door so she could open it, and out she went.

Now, the little teddy had been outside more than once, but somehow it seemed different this time. Everything seemed much larger this time; the trees seemed monstrous in size. Rocks that once seemed so small now appeared as boulders to the new adventurer. Even the grass seemed more like a lush jungle to the teddy. It made the little teddy a little nervous.

But the little teddy was determined to have a real adventure. She wasn’t going to let anything stand in her way. So she made her way into the world. Carefully pushing aside the blades of grass, the little teddy started walking towards a large tree near the edge of the front yard. “I can do this,” the little teddy told herself, “I’m a weal adventuwer!”

After walking for about a minute, the little teddy started to feel tired. “I think I need to take a quick break,” she said aloud, “this adventuwing is hard.” She sat down next to one of the many boulders on the way to her destination. She took off her backpack and pulled out a potato. She took a big bite out if and exclaimed, “This is so nummy! I think I need another one!”

But once the little Teddy started eating potatoes, she just couldn’t stop. Before she knew it she had eaten all the potatoes she brought with her. “Ooh, I’m getting sweepy,” the little teddy yawned, “I think I’m gonna take a little nap.” She lay down next to the boulder, using her now empty backpack as a pillow, and fell asleep.

The little teddy awoke to a drop of rain landing on her face. It was dark out and a little windy. The little teddy quickly got up and put on her backpack. She was starting to get a little scared. “Oh no!” she shivered, “I think I swept for too long! Now it’s all dark and scawy.” Tears started to form in her eyes, but she quickly shook it off. “No!” the little teddy told herself defiantly, “I’m an adventuwer! I can find my way home!”

The little teddy had gotten a little disoriented from being woken up so suddenly. She wasn’t sure on how to make her way back home. She stood thinking for a few moments, ignoring the fact that her fur and backpack were getting heavier from the steady rainfall. Then she remembered something. “Oh!” she exclaimed, “mommy and daddy would have lit the lantern by the fwont door by now! I jus have to find the light!” She scanned the yard until she noticed a faint light in the distance. “That has to be it,” she told herself, her confidence growing, “time to go home.”

The blades of grass her much harder to push aside and the ground was much slicker now and the little teddy was having a bit of trouble making her way towards the house. On more than one occasion, she wanted to break down and cry out for her mommy and daddy to come find her to bring her home. But, she refused to give up. She wanted to prove to herself that she could have as many adventures as she wanted.

After what seemed like ages to the little teddy, the light was now so bright that she knew she had made it. Pushing the last few blades of grass out of her way, she started to run up to the door. And as soon as she reached the door, it opened to reveal her mommy, brothers, and sisters. The little teddy was so relieved that she almost started to cry. “Now where have you been?” her mommy asked her, smiling. The little teddy quickly fought back back the tears that threatened to come pouring out any minute. “I went adventuwing, Mommy!” she replied proudly. “Well, that’s very exciting,” her mommy told her, “But how about coming inside now to have some hot cocoa before bed?” The little teddy began bouncing excitedly. “Oh yes pwease!” she said happily. Her mommy picked her up and took her to get cocoa with her siblings.

A few minutes later, the little teddy’s daddy quietly walked in from outside. Her mommy met him, helping him quietly out of his soaked clothing. “Do you think she saw you?” she asked him. “No,” her daddy replied, “I kept my distance.” The little teddy’s mommy smiled. “How long were you out with her?” she questioned. Her daddy shrugged and smiled. “For a while,” he answered, his smile growing, “she had already fallen asleep when I got home. But enough about that, let’s go see how she’s doing.”

The little teddy was drinking her cocoa and telling her siblings about her big adventure. “And the monster wan away when I swung my sword,” she was telling them. She stopped short when she saw her mommy and daddy walking in. “OH, DADDY,” she yelled, hopping down from her seat and running over to her daddy, “GUESS WHAT?” Her daddy bent down and picked up the little teddy. “What?” he asked her, smiling. “I went on a weawwy big adventure today!” the little teddy excitedly answered her daddy. “Really? That sounds very exciting,” her daddy told her, “Why don’t we all grab our cocoa and head to the living room and you can tell us all about it.” He set the little teddy down so she could get her cup of cocoa. Then he followed her and her siblings into the living room where the little teddy told them all about her grand adventure.



Well that’s it for today’s story. I do so hope you all enjoyed it. I hope you’ll join me for our next story. We don’t have a set schedule for out stories, but I plan to tell a new one as often as I can. Thank you so much for joining me.

Oh, and if anyone has any requests for a story, please feel free to let me know in the comments below. I make all of my stories up myself, so you’ll always get a unique tale, whether it be completely from my own imagination, or from an idea I get from one of you!