Being the Teddy

Being the Teddy can be hard sometimes. Its my wesponsibiwity to eat all the potatoes in the world. I also have to bop my mommy and daddy on the face a whole wot. I wely on my bwothers and sisters to help me take care of all this. But its still pwetty hard.

One of my smaller teddy sibwings has to sneak into mommy or daddys pocket when they go to the store so they can steal all the potatoes there merherher! We do the same thing when mommy and daddy go to visit famiwy and fwiends. We have to get all the potatoes we possibwy can!

If my mommy or daddy twies to stop us fwom eating all the potatoes, I just bop them on the face. I’m weawwy good at bopping faces. *bop* *bop bop bop* See? MERHERHER

If you want to wearn how to pwoperwy steal potatoes and bop faces, just let me know. I shud pwobabwy teach a cwass on all this.