Pwaying Magic wif Daddy

I weally yike to spend time wif my mommy and daddy. Today, daddy was teaching me and my sister Fwoppy Teddy how to pway Magic wif him. Magic is some nerdy thing he does, tehehe! It was weally fun learning how to pway and pwaying wif my sister. We hope evwybody has someone they can pway fun games wif. Bye bye!


It’s erwy…

It is two forty seven in the morning. My daddy works weally erwy. But that means that me and my bwothers and sisters can pway while he’s away. We just have to be weally quiet so we don’t wake up mommy. If we do, we bwame it on thare kitties, mwehehe!

I hope evwybody has a nice morning. Bye bye!


Ooh, it seems I did not get many visitors on my first bwog day. I hope I’m not a bowing teddy…

Oh well, it’s still fun to have my teddy bwog. But I am going to bed now wif my daddy. Me and my bwothers and sisters hope evwyone has had a good day. Goodnight!Teddy 6