Oh hi! I’m the Teddy! I’m gonna tell you a wittle about my yife at home.

My mommy and daddy have two cats. Thare names are Devon and Scottie. Devon is a girl and Scottie is a boy. I weawwy yike them, but they don’t yike me or my bwothers or sisters. One time, my sister Fwoppy Teddy was walking by thare kitty tower and Devon weached out and stuck her cwaw in Fwoppy Teddys face! And one time she attacked Sigh yike a wild animal!

It’s not easy wiving wif cats when your a teddy. You twy to be nice to them but then they just act like meanie heads! Scottie wuns away whenever one of us goes near him. Even if we’re weawwy cwiet. So what the Teddy yikes to do is hide on daddys back and then when he goes to pet the Scottie, I pounce! I start petting him and make him purr! Whenever he notices that the Teddy is petting him, he runs away as fast as he can!

Sometimes we can pet Devon if we’re careful. But we have to sneak up on her to do it. The Teddy has gotten pwetty good at it, but sometimes she still gets me. Maybe the Teddy should jus wear a suit of armor.

If any of you have twoublesome pets, how do you handle them? Any tips for the Teddy? Let me know in the comments bewow. Thank you for wetting em wamble on about mommy and daddys kitties. Teeheehee! Bye bye! The Teddy woves you all! *hugs*

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