The Teddy is cuwious

Oh hi! I’m the Teddy! The Teddy is cuwious as to what other teddys and humens yike to do for fun. Do you yike to read? Wite? Watch tv and movies? Pway video games? Pway board games? Go adventuwing?

The Teddy yikes to do all kinds of things! I weawwy yike adventuring, espeshuwy if it means I get potatoes!! But I also yike to do simple things. Watching tv is fun! Theres so many types of shows to watch! Its jus so fun! I also yike to wead books! The Teddy does pwefer to be wead to, but I don’t mind weading to myself, teeheehee!

Sometimes the Teddy thinks about expworing outside by herself, but that seems pwetty unsafe. I think I pwefer expworing wif others better anyways. One day the Teddy would yike to twavel to other pwaces to meet new teddys, anipals, and humens. I think a wot of my twitter fwiends wive in some pwace called Yurup, so that might be a fun pwace to visit one day!

Sometimes the Teddy yikes to dwaw picshures! I’m not the best artist in the world, but its weawwy fun so who cares? If you yike something, it doesn’t matter if your good it. Jus have fun!

So what do you yike to do for fun? Pwease let the Teddy know in the comments bewow. I would weawwy yike your feedback! Thank you so much!

7 thoughts on “The Teddy is cuwious

  1. Hello Teddy, a jolly nice blog thank you. It will be interesting to see what our furends like. Personally I like jazz music and reading. I am a fan of old detective stories like those by Agatha Christie and Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton – I do like the television versions of Poirot, Miss Marple, Father Brown and Grantchester. I am also fond of movies, especially old comedies with actors like Cary Grant, Margaret Rutherford, Terry Thomas, Ian Carmichael and Tony Curtis. All good fun.

    I’m looking forward to learning what other chaps like.

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  2. As you know, I keep Sparkie company and we both like to read, write poetry and play the piano. I also like to watch films, though Sparkie is a bit too restless to sit through one! She also makes jewelry and miniatures – I’m no use at all with my hands!

    Shakie also likes to read and watch sport. What I call soccer, Sparkie and Shakie refer to as ‘football.’ He also plays his guitars. I play ’em too when he’s not looking!

    And of course, whether it’s spinning a record on the turntable, spinning one of the modern silver records, or hearing it through the modern typewriter, we all love to hear music.

    And that’s just at home. We have other interests outside the home, too. But this post is long enough as it is! xx

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