Featured Teddy sibwings: Sewif & Heywo

Serif: Heyyo! My name it Serif and this is my bwother, Heylo. I’m the white teddy and he’s the gold teddy

Heylo: Hi! As you can see fwom our picture below, we’re angel teddies! Well, we’re not weally angels. We just wear angel costumes. We like them so much, we never take them off. Teehee

Serif: We’re very simple teddies. We like to go adventuwing like most teddies. We both like to wead books and we like to dwaw pictures.

Heylo: We weally like food. Our sister Teddy weally likes potatoes. We weally like almost any food!

Serif: But not unyuns. Unyuns are gross!!

Heylo: Yeah! Unyuns are icky!!

Serif: I think my favowite food is pwobabwy waffles. I love waffles with nummy nummy sywup!!

Heylo: Ooh! I do like waffles! But I think I pwefer turkey. Turkey is pwobabwy my favowite food! It’s just so yummy! And you can eat it in so many diffewent ways!

Serif: Oh this is twue! But, maybe we should talk more about us and not just foodstuffs??

Heylo: Oh yeah, teehehee! Sowwy about that! I weally like to watch daddy as he pways video games.

Serif: I agwee! It’s definitewy fun to watch. Though I would pwefer to pway myself. But I’m too small to use a contwoller.

Heylo: We are vewy little.

Serif: Yes, vewy small. But we might be able to use a contwoller together.

Heylo: Oh! That might work! We should twy it now!

Serif: Yes, let’s!

Heylo: Oh sowwy evwyone! We must leave now to test our theory!

Serif: We are sowwy you didn’t learn too much about us. We tend to get distracted easily

Heylo: Yeah, sowwy about that! We weally much be going now! Bye bye!

Serif: Bye bye!

Serif and Heylo 02

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