Featured Teddy sibwing: Woof

Oh hi!! My name is woof! That’s dog speak for Woof! As you can see, I am a puppy! I’m vewy small. You can’t normawy see my eyes so well. But I figured I should bwush the fur fwom them for my picture, TEEHEE! I may be a small puppy, but I like to have big adventures! I’m generawy up for any adventure!

I’m a vewy friendly puppy and I think I make a pwetty good friend! I enjoy making new friends and would one day like to travel the world! Which would work out vewy well with my dream for the future.

One day I pwan to be a world famous lawyer. As fun woving as I am, I want to be able to help others. It’s my secwet passion. I have my tie, but I still need a suit. Then I want to open my own law firm. I think that I would make a gweat lawyer for the teddy community. I may even look for a partner once I get my firm set up.

As you can see, I have big asperwations despite being such a small puppy. I hope you all enjoyed listening to me. I appweciate it! If you have any advice for a puppy looking to be a lawyer, or if you know where I can get a nice suit to match my baby bwue tie, please let me know! Thank you! Have a nice day, evwyone!

Woof 01

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