Zombie Jem’s New Home

Teddy 39

Oh, hello everyone! Welcome to a special story time. Our story today is a special one as it was requested by Teddy’s good friend Zombie Jim! It’s a shorter story, but I think it’ll be very good nonetheless! Please enjoy Zombie Jem’s Moving Day!

Zombie Jem’s New Home

The little teddy was on her way to Zombie Jem’s cemetery. He had called for his friends to come and help him with a project. But he wouldn’t tell them what it was until they were all there. And so she was hurrying to his place, excited to hear what the project was.

By the time she reached the cemetery, Mickey, T, the two cave bears, Dee and Little Dee, and Teddy Tedaloo were already there. Zombie Jem walked out to meet the little teddy. “Thank you for coming,” he told her happily, “now for the project.” Everyone gathered together, curious as to what the project would be. “This may be a bit surprising,” the zombie told his friends, “but I’m moving.”

Everyone was surpised, but they were also very excited. “Ooh! Where are you moving?” the little Teddy asked. Zombie Jem laughed. “Oh, I’m just moving to a nice little house right behind the cemetery,” he explained. Everyone laughed. “I don’t have a lot of stuff,” Zombie Jem continued, “and that stuff’s all been moved. I just wanted to invite you over.” He started to lead his friends to his new home.

“So, what brought upon this sudden move?” Teddy Tedaloo asked as he and everyone else followed their undead friend. “Oh, that,” he replied, “Well, I was walking around the cemetery when these two humans, one man one woman walked by. They saw me and asked me why I was in the cemetery. When I told them I lived there, the woman human insisted that I come live with them. To my surprise, the man human was quite content with the idea. The woman human said she could make me a nice coffin to sleep in.”

“Oh! Tha vewy nice!” Little Dee said cheerily, “Dee and me don’t know many hoomums!” Dee nodded. “Oh yez,” he agreed, “will be fun to meet hoomums!” The little teddy clapped her paws together. “Oh! Tell us more about these humens, pwease!” she said to Zombie Jem. He nodded and said, “Well, as I said, there are two of them,” he told his friends, “The man human is Shakie and the woman human is Sparkie. As you may have guessed, Sparkie likes to make things, like jewelry. She’s quite good too. Oh, and they’re Jewish and will be getting ready to observe Shabbat when we arrive.”

The little teddy didn’t really understand what it meant to be Jewish, so Zombie Jem explained it as best he could to everyone. He told them about Judaism and the Jewish people. The little teddy was excited to learn. Her mommy and daddy at home weren’t Jewish and didn’t practice any religion, so it was nice to learn so much.

Even though he’d told them it was close, Zombie Jem’s friends were still surprised by how close it was. In about five minutes, they reached a small house. “How do you get in exactly?” Mickey asked, “There’s no step ladder or anything to reach the door knob.” The zombie laughed. “I just ring the bell, and someone will answer the door,” he answered. He went to the side of the house and came back with a large stick. He used the stick to ring the doorbell.

Moments later, the door was answered by a friendly looking woman. At first she seemed a bit surprised to see so many teddys with her new housemate. But then she smiled. “And who might these lovelies be, Jem?” she asked pleasantly. Jem smiled and then began to introduce his friends. After he introduced her, the little teddy held out her paw. The human, whom they all assumed to be Sparkie, laughed lightly, then bent down and shook her paw. “It’s vewy nice to meet you, Sparkie,” the little teddy said happily. Sparkie smiled. “It’s lovely to meet you too,” she replied.

Sparkie invited them in for dinner. She told them that they were getting ready to observe Shabbat. The little teddy and her friends surprised her with their knowledge of it. They didn’t tell her that Zombie Jem had told them all about it on their way over. When they came in, they were greeted once more. This time by a man whom they knew from Zombie Jem to be Shakie. He then led everyone to the dining room where Sparkie was going to light the Shabbat candles.

They had a just enough time before the candles were to be lit to set a place at the table for Zombie Jems friends. Jem took a moment to talk to Sparkie about his friends. She told him that she was happy that he invited them over. She quickly poured everyone a glass of apple juice and then they gathered around the dining room table. Sparkie lit the shabbat candles and said a Hebrew blessing over them. Zombie Jem had explained this all, but the little teddy was enthralled in seeing it herself.

Sparkie said one more blessing over the bread they were to have with dinner. Then she and Shakie said one over the apple juice. And then it was time to eat. They had fish, which Shakie told them was mackeral, salad, and potatoes. The little teddy was excited for the potatoes. “PammyBear loves potatoes,” Zombie Jem explained to Sparkie and Shakie. “Oh yes! I wove potatoes so much! Thare jus so yummy!” Shakie laughed. “Well, we all have our favorite foods,” he said cheerily, serving some more potatoes to the little teddy.

The friends all enjoyed the food. “Is like picnic,” Little Dee said happily, taking a bite of his fish. Teddy Tedaloo nodded. “Right you are, my cave dwelling friend,” he agreed. T and Dee were talking happily with Shakie as they ate their meals. “We don usewy go far fwom ar cave,” Dee told him, “But this vewy fun!” Shakie smiled. “Well, we’re more than happy to have you all over.” T smiled and took a drink of his juice. “Well thank you very much!” he replied happily.

Once they were done with their meal, Zombie Jem asked Sparkie if she could show them some of her work. “Oh that would be really cool,” Mickey told her, “We know you can’t work now, but showing us is fine, right?” Sparkie nodded. “Of course!” she answered happily, “I would love to show you some of my work!” Everyone was excited to see her work.

Sparkie’s jewelry was quite impressive. She had a good variety of jewelry. The little teddy enjoyed seeing all the handmade jewelry. Sparkie showed her a selection of necklaces she had made to look like apothecary bottles. The little teddy really enjoyed them. She found one that was called an emergency tea necklace that she really liked. But when she remembered that she didn’t have any money, she got disappointed. Zombie Jem noticed this and then whispered something to Sparkie. Sparkie smiled and then picked up the emergency tea necklace.

“Do you like this one?” she asked the little teddy. “Oh yes,” the little teddy answered, “It’s weawwy pwetty!” Sparkie knelt down and put the necklace around the little teddys neck. “Here, you can have this,” she told her, smiling. The little teddy’s eyes lit up. “You mean it?” she asked excitedly, “I can get some money fwom my mommy and daddy to buy it.” Sparkie shook her head. “Oh no, it’s fine!” she assured the little teddy, “Jem said you’re a very good friend. A friend of his is a friend of ours. And friends give friends gifts.” The little teddy showed all her friends the necklace. She was so happy.

When it was time to head home, Sparkie and Shakie walked everyone to the door. “I’m gonna walk everyone home,” Zombie Jem told them. Sparkie and Shakie both smiled. “That’s fine, Jem,” Shakie told him. He then knelt down. “It was very nice to meet you all,” he told Jem’s friends, “We would love to have again sometime!” Sparkie nodded, kneeling down next to Shakie. “Oh yes,” she agreed, “It would be lovely if you could come by again.” The little teddy smiled. “Oh I think we can do that!” she answered happily, “Espeshuwy if thares more potatoes!”

As they walked home, everyone told Zombie Jem how much fun they had and how nice his new home was. “I thought Sparkie and Shakie were quite nice!” T told Jem. “Oh yes,” Dee agreed, “Theys vewy nice! And had wots of yum yums!” Zombie Jem smiled. “I’m glad you liked them, everyone,” he told his friends. “Oh, they were quite nice,” Teddy Tedaloo said, “And Sparkie had some very nice jewelry.” The little teddy looked at the necklace Sparkie had given her. She was very happy to have met Zombie Jem’s new friends.

,By the time they got to the little teddy’s home, everyone else had split off to go home. Mickey stayed with Zombie Jem and the little teddy so he could walk back with Jem. The little teddy hugged her friends. “Thank you again for inviting us to your new home!” she said happily as she headed inside. “You’re very welcome, PammyBear,” her undead friend answered, “We’ll have to do it again!” The little teddy nodded happily and then went inside. Zombie Jem and Mickey walked back, discussing the fun time they had just had.


And there we are! The story was longer than I had expected, but sometimes I just get caught up with a story. I do hope you all enjoyed it! Please leave me any feedback you have! I hope you all have a nice day! Maybe we’ll have another surprise story one of these days!

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