Gossip time!

OH! Hi! I’m the Teddy!! This will be a vewy short post! I just wanna know something!!

The Teddy sometimes yike to gossip. Gossip can be fun sometimes as wongs as it isnt mean.

Soo…the Teddy would yike to know one thing you find embawassing about your humen. Anything embawassing is good!

To start things off Ill tell you one thing embawassing about my daddy. My daddy is weawwy emotional and he sometimes cwies when he sees something even swightwy sentimental on tv or in a movie. Teeeheeheehee!



2 thoughts on “Gossip time!

  1. Sparkie has a sweet tooth. Not all that embarrassing, really.

    Oh! They’ll really hate me tellin you this! Both Sparkie an Shakie are older than they appear in photographs! They look real young, don’t they? But Sparkie is pushin thirty and Shakie is gettin close to forty! You wouldn’t think it, huh? I was surprised when I discovered it.

    Cuz I died at 27, my age is fixed. Both Sparkie an Shakie are older than me.

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