Sighs Shop!

OH! The Teddys bwother Sigh opened a shop! Take a wook!!


At first Sigh was a bit scared to have his own shop. If you wemember fwom when I intwoduced him on my bwog, Sigh has a stutter. Hes weawwy self conscious of his stutter. But jus wait til you see what he has in his shop! Then youll see that he had nothing to wowwy about!!

When you first walk into his shop you see all the vawious nummy tweats he has!!!

Sigh sells all kinds of things in his shop! And he can also get you jus about anything you want! Wook! He even has a toy section and a speshul Hawwoween section!!! How fun!! Teheeheheh!!!

He had so many gweat fwiends come by his shop on his opening day! The Teddy was going to help him out but decided to let him do it himself! And he did such a gweat job! He had a wot of super happy customers! The Teddy and the west of her famiwy was so vewy pwoud of him!!

Sigh also does dewivery service for when you want something but hes not available! He does a gweat job wif that too!!! Thank you for weading out #SighsShop! Teehehheee!!!

OH! And the Teddy has a potato stand in the awwey behind his shop! Teheheheh!!!!

6 thoughts on “Sighs Shop!

  1. Wow! He even sells tobacco products and Lottery Tickets.
    Great to finally take a look inside your shop, Sigh. It really is the store where the creatures meet! 👍 Keep up the good work, buddy!

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  2. Sigh has the best ship :3 he’s so sweet and helpful and always can find exactly what you need! Proud of my sweet, little cow 🐮💚🐮💚🐮

    I also love your potato stand out back teddy xD

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  3. Hello Teddy and Sigh! Awww… this is such a super sweet blog! Everything in Sigh’s shop looks beartastic and it is hard to make your choice! We could nibble and crunch all throughout your offered stuff!
    We really LOVE Sigh’s shop and… Teddy, we would become regular customers to your potato stand!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures and blog!
    Waves & hugs yours friends Burnie, Greg & kids xo

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