Featured Teddy sibwings: ????????

OH! The Teddy has new sibwings!! We adopted them yesterday!!! Thare my new sisters! But we havent named them yet! The Teddy thought it would be super gweat if her fwiends could help name them!!! Pwease weave comments wif your choice of names and then the Teddy can use those suggestions when naming her new sisters! And feel fwee to wook at any other comments thare may be! You may find that someone alweady suggested a name you yike!! Tehehehee!! Thank you vewy much fwiends! The Teddy woves you all!!!


11 thoughts on “Featured Teddy sibwings: ????????

  1. They are beautiful, Teddy. They could be named Ursula the brown one, and Marguerite the pink one (Margie for short). Whatever names you choose will be great. They are lovely.

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  2. Hi Teddy! A big ‘Welcome Hug’ to your new sisters! They are adorable cuties, so our bear family had a fluffy brainstorming and we suggest: Adele (for the pink sis)& Amy (for the brown sis). Anyway, they are such lucky girls being adopted by your family! Hope to see them on cbs, too!

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  3. As suggested by another fan, Ursula is a good name. It means “Bear” in Latin, so it’s appropriate.

    Accordin’ to Sparkie, the Hebrew word for Teddy Bear is pronounced “dohv.” Like “stove” but with a “d.” Could you use that to fashion a name for one of them? xx

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