OH! The other day we had a snow day!! So me and some of my bwothers went out to pway!

snow day 01

We had wots of fun! We made a snow teddy!!!

snow day 02

It was pwetty fun to make a snow teddy! Isnt he super cute? Heres a better wook at him!

snow day 03

We had to keep weattaching his ear because it kep fawwing off! Teehehehehe!! But it was still fun! The Teddy is a wittle sad that hes alweady melted but if we get more snow well make another snow teddy!!

OH!!! And the Teddy made a snow angel!!

snow day 07

It took me a couple of twies to get it wight, but wook at my angel!!

snow day 08

Teehehee! It was so much fun!! BUT WAIT! Is thare someone hiding in that bush? Lets take a wook!

snow day 10

Whos that? Is that Small Deano Bear?

snow day 09

OH! It is Small Deano Bear! He jus cwimbed into the bush when we werent wooking! Teeheehehe! He does wove to cwimb!

That was our snow day! It was so much fun and we cant wait for the next one!!! Bye bye!!!!

8 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!

  1. Hello Teddy, we really LOVE reading your blog! You are such a wonderful bunch! Your little snow bear was cute. Maybe you’ll get more snow, so you can make another!
    You guys sure had a lot of fun together!

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  2. Oooh! It looks so cold! The snow teddy and your snow Angel were real cute, though.

    I’m not usually a fan of freezin’ weather, but I’d love to dance and play in the snow with my PammyBear! We could make a snow teddy and a snow zombie.

    Only a few flakes of the stuff here in England thus far. I’m thankful, to be honest. I’m already cold! xxx

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