Sigh’s Many Shops

OH!!! Hewwo!!! The Teddy is gwad you came to visit her bwog!! The Teddy is twying something new! The Teddy has asked her bwother Sigh to host a new stowy that Ill twy to post each week!! My big bwother Teddy who you might know fwom his bedtime stowies will wite and nawwate these too!! The stowies may not make too much sense but thats what the Teddy is going for. Many of my sibwings will pway a part in the stowies so theyll be pwaying fictionawized versions of themseleves! Im not sure if these will catch on too well. Who knows how it will go? I do hope fwiends enjoy it though!! And wifout further adieu heres my bwother Sigh!!

Sigh 01

H-hewwo my f-f-fwiends! W-welcome to S-sighs M-ma-many S-shops! This w-w-will be a w-weekly  s-story that I-Ill d-do my b-b-best to h-host! I h-ho-hope you enj-joy!



S-shopping is s-so-something w-we all d-d-do. Ev-vwyone needs g-gwocewies. And who d-doesnt enj-joy a new t-t-toy fwom t-time to time? S-s-so shopping is a p-p-part of just ab-bout evwyones d-da-daiwy lives. J-join m-me p-pwease as we v-vi-visit one of m-many shops we m-might just s-s-shop at.


A busy store. Lots of customers buying various foods and snacks. Cashiers ringing up the customers as part of their job. It’s a regular part of life, shopping. Whether you’re picking up a quick meal after work or buying groceries for the week, you need a good shop with a large selection of goodies. This shop is very much like that. There’s plenty of food, both fresh and packaged, to choose from. They also carry a good selection of candy and even some toys. Sounds like a nice place to shop, right? Let’s get another look, shall we?

Zebra: Oh dear, oh dear. I forgot my shopping list. However shall I remember what I needed? There’s so much to choose from, I might just buy a little of everything! Hmm…what’s in this case here? Feta cheese? Sure, I think I’ll take that!

Zebra grabs herself a tub of feta cheese and continues to peruse the shelves.

Little Bunny cashier: Hello, I hope you found everything alright today.

Dog Dog: Hello! Yes, I found everything just fine though. I had considered getting that crazy Pez dispenser. But I decided not to because I’m trying to eat less candy.

Little Bunny cashier: Oh that would be a hard choice for me to make; I love candy!

Dog Dog continues to make small talk with the cashier. Which is common practice when you go out to the shops. You do your shopping and when it’s time to check out, we chat it up with the cashier. We all hope for a friendly one, don’t we?

Lionheart cashier: That’ll be $14.87.

Striker: That’s a little more than I was hoping to spend today, but I just couldn’t pass up this rice! I do enjoy rice a lot!

We’ve all done that, right? Gone to the store for something and leave with more than you planned to by? Surely it’s not just me? Hmm? Anyone? Ehm…let’s just get back to the shop now.

Striker checks his wallet, only to realize he’s forgotten to take money from the atm.

Striker: Oh dear. I forgot to stop by the atm today. Do you take cards?

Lionheart cashier: We certainly do! There’s a card reader to your right. Please go right ahead!

Striker lets out a sigh of relief. He was worried that he might have to put his stuff back and come back later. He swipes his card and collects his bag of groceries. He notices another customer heading out as he goes to do the same.

Striker: Do you need any help with your bags? It seems you’ve got a lot to carry.

Frogheart: Oh thank you, but I’m ok. I’m parked right outside here, just in front of the shop.

Frogheart lifts his bags, though he does seem to struggle a bit. Striker decides he doesn’t want to bother the fellow.

Striker: Ok, you have a nice day then!

Frogheart: Thank you, the same to you!

Have you ever stopped to talk to another customer? It can be a friendly interaction. But it can also lead to some awkwardness. That’s why I prefer to just keep to myself when I’m out to the shops. Anyways, back to the shop.

The day carries on, with customers going in an out of the shop. Workers replenish the shelves as the customers make their purchases. Cashiers ringing up everyone and sending them on their way. Just an normal day at the shop.

But, at night, things seem very different in this shop.


The shop is dark. No lights anywhere. What’s more, there are carts and baskets just laying about everywhere. The strangest thing is that the shelves are bare. What happened to all of the product that the workers were putting onto the shelves. Surely there’s no chance everything in the store was purchased. It’s simply all gone. Except for a single bag of frozen french fries. But…it’s not in the freezer case. It’s just sitting on a shelf.


W-whats going o-on in this s-s-shop? What h-happened to a-all the p-p-products? Why i-is ev-evwything a m-m-mess n-now? Nob-body knows. B-but this s-shop is j-j-just one of m-many that ge-gets visited each a-and evwy-evwyday. Who knows w-what kinds of w-weird things ha-happen in other s-s-shops.

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