Featured Teddy sibwing: Tim Tim

Uncle Percy: Hello everyone! I’m here with my young son, Tim Tim. He’s not really one of Teddy’s siblings as he is her cousin. I was also introduced some time earlier as a sibling. I am, in fact, Teddy’s uncle. Some have wondered how I, a penguin, can have Tim Tim, a Tiger, as a son.  But I do assure you that he is my son. From a marriage long ago. But we shan’t go into detail there! So, let’s say hi, Tim Tim!

Tim Tim: Rrar! Tim Tim say hi!! *waves* Tim Tim happy to meet you all!! Rrar! Rarrr! Tim Tim really young, so like playing games and climbing trees!!

Uncle Percy: Oh yes! Tim Tim is quite a playful little Tiger! I can barely keep up with him! And if he climbs a tree, there’s no way for me to catch him! I mean, I’m just a fat, lazy penguin. I’m not meant to watch after a rambunctious tyke such as Tim Tim!

Tim Tim: RRar! Tim Tim not a handful! Rar rar rar!! *runs around in circles* Tim Tim super easy to watch!! Rrar!! Rrararr!! *runs up a tree*

Uncle Percy: Oh dear! Now I’ll never get him!! Come on, Tim Tim! Come back down to daddy!

Tim Tim: Rrar! Rarrr!! *swings from tree branches* Rarr! Tim Tim having fun!!

Uncle Percy: Oh my. It looks like we may have to go now. It’s gonna take me ages to get this little tiger from the tree! Thank you all for stopping by to meet us! We do appreciate it! Say thank you, Tim Tim!

Tim Tim: Rrar! Thank you! *continues swinging from branches*

Uncle Percy: Bye bye for now!!

Featured Teddy sibwing: Honk

Heyyo! My name is Honk! I am Teddy’s yittle sister. As you can cyeary see, I am a penguin. Unyike most penguins though, I don’t yive in cold cyimate. But unyike my brother Percy, I do yike the cold.

I’m a pretty fun yoving penguin. I yike to pyay games and read books and draw picshures. I’m kind of shy though, so I do have trouble making new friends. But if you keep at it I will eventuee open up and maybe give you a hug.

I’m a very soft penguin, so I am very good for hugging. But I prefer to be naughty over sweet. So instead of hugs, I might bop your face or push your stuff onto the fyoor. Teeheehee!

I spend most of my time with my brother, Plaid. He’s a moose. He’s so funny! He and I cause mischief and eat fish! We yike potatoes, but not as much as we do fish. Teehee! We enjoy being troublemakers because it’s so much fun!

Oh, I hope you enjoyed meeting me. I’m gonna go eat a fish and break something. Bye!

Teddy 40


Featured Teddy sibwing: Percy

Oh, hello there. My name is Percy. I am Teddy’s big brother. And, despite being a pengin, I do not really like to be cold. That’s why I have a scarf, tehehe.

I really enjoy reading books. I also like to watch tv and movies with my mommy and daddy. I tend to get scared pretty easily though, so I don’t like scary stuff.

I don’t think I really have much more to say.  I’m not a really interesting pengin. But I still hope you all enjoyed me! Good day to you all!teddy-23.jpg


Oh hi, I’m the Teddy! My bwothers Teddy and Percy and me would yike to thank evwyone for visiting us here today! We got twenty for views today! Yey!! So thank you vewy much evwyone who stopped by to see the teddys! We weally appwesheate it!

We hope we continyu to get more visits. We hope to get some comments on our posts so we can make some new fwiends. We yike making fwiends. Heres a hug from me to you for being so nice and visiting my bwog *hug*

Bye bye now!Teddy 14