Featured Teddy sibwing: Honk

Heyyo! My name is Honk! I am Teddy’s yittle sister. As you can cyeary see, I am a penguin. Unyike most penguins though, I don’t yive in cold cyimate. But unyike my brother Percy, I do yike the cold.

I’m a pretty fun yoving penguin. I yike to pyay games and read books and draw picshures. I’m kind of shy though, so I do have trouble making new friends. But if you keep at it I will eventuee open up and maybe give you a hug.

I’m a very soft penguin, so I am very good for hugging. But I prefer to be naughty over sweet. So instead of hugs, I might bop your face or push your stuff onto the fyoor. Teeheehee!

I spend most of my time with my brother, Plaid. He’s a moose. He’s so funny! He and I cause mischief and eat fish! We yike potatoes, but not as much as we do fish. Teehee! We enjoy being troublemakers because it’s so much fun!

Oh, I hope you enjoyed meeting me. I’m gonna go eat a fish and break something. Bye!

Teddy 40


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