Oh hi!

I’m the Teddy! I just wanted to say I wove you all so much! Evwyone Ive met onwine is super nice to the Teddy and I weawwy apwesheate it! I twy so hard to nice and make evwyone happy and make ewyone smile. I feel yike I’ve been doing a pwetty good job so far. The Teddy thinks evwyone Ive met onwine has helped make me better teddy. I weawwy hope that Ive had a positive effect on evwyone. It means so much to the Teddy when you come to my bwog. So thank you so much for visiting and I will twy to keep posting stuff to make evwyone happy. And pwease feel fwee to weave comments for the Teddy if you want. You don’t need a bwog of your own to comment. The Teddy apwesheates feedback. Thank you! Bye bye!

Big big thank you

Hi I’m the Teddy! I jus wanted to thank evwyone again for visiting my here! Ive been getting a wot of views and yikes on my posts! It makes me a vewy happy Teddy!

Having my bwog has been wots of fun so far! I enjoy sharing my simple teddy adventures wif evwyone. I also yike intwoducing my bwothers and sisters to you.

Pwease keep visiting the Teddy and I will keep twying to pwovide you wif fun stuffs! Thank you! Bye bye!


Oh hi, I’m the Teddy! My bwothers Teddy and Percy and me would yike to thank evwyone for visiting us here today! We got twenty for views today! Yey!! So thank you vewy much evwyone who stopped by to see the teddys! We weally appwesheate it!

We hope we continyu to get more visits. We hope to get some comments on our posts so we can make some new fwiends. We yike making fwiends. Heres a hug from me to you for being so nice and visiting my bwog *hug*

Bye bye now!Teddy 14