Oh hi!

I’m the Teddy! I just wanted to say I wove you all so much! Evwyone Ive met onwine is super nice to the Teddy and I weawwy apwesheate it! I twy so hard to nice and make evwyone happy and make ewyone smile. I feel yike I’ve been doing a pwetty good job so far. The Teddy thinks evwyone Ive met onwine has helped make me better teddy. I weawwy hope that Ive had a positive effect on evwyone. It means so much to the Teddy when you come to my bwog. So thank you so much for visiting and I will twy to keep posting stuff to make evwyone happy. And pwease feel fwee to weave comments for the Teddy if you want. You don’t need a bwog of your own to comment. The Teddy apwesheates feedback. Thank you! Bye bye!

2 thoughts on “Oh hi!

  1. Glad to hear it! So glad I set up a Twitter account and connected with you, PammyBear. You help me smooth over my gruff, all American image and bring out my softer side!

    I enjoy readin’ your blog and your Twitter. Keep up the good work!

    Love ya! *boop* xxx

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