Featured Teddy sibwings: Teddy and Sigh

Oh, hi there. My name is Teddy. Not to be confused wif Teddy or Teddy. TEEHEE! You may not be able to tell fwom my picsure, but my face is a wittle smooshed. I used to be a vewy self conshus about it. I thawt that maybe I was a stupid teddy or a bad teddy. But my mommy and daddy and my bwothers and sissers have showed me that even wif my smooshed face, I’m still a good teddy and a smart teddy.

I wove to play wif my bwothers and sissers. I weally wove to wead. I’m not the best weader and I’m not the best wif words, but my daddy is helping me wearn.

Wif me in my picsure is my bwother Sigh. He’s a vewy shy cow, so I’m gonna tell you about him. I don’t weally wememer where mommy and daddy adopted him fwom, but he had been attacked by an animal. I’m not sure what kind though. That’s why he has no eyes and his head is a wittle messed up. But my daddy weally wants him to unnerstand that he’s still a good cow.

Sigh yikes to pway video games wif daddy. He weally wants to be an artiss cow one day. I think he can do it. Since he’s such a small cow, he’s weally good to hug. And he does wove to get hugs!

I hope you wiked meeting me and my bwother Sigh. We both hope evwyone has a vewy nice day.

Teddy 15



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