Teddy Fwiends

The Teddy has made a wot of fwiends since joining the onwine world. The vewy many teddys, humens, and anipals that I have met is acshuwy pwetty overwhelming. The Teddy is so vewy happy to have been accepted so openwy and happiwy by evwyone. I hope that I can continue make new fwiends as I continue posting on my bwog and my twitter. The Teddy hopes that evwyone yikes her as much as she yikes them!

The Teddy thinks fwiends are so important to evwyone. Fwiends can be thare for you when you feel you have nobody else. Whenever something sad happens, a fwiend can be thare to pick you up! The Teddy thinks evwyone should twy to make as many fwiends as possible.

The Teddy has a few fwiends who shes gwown espeshuwy attached to, like Zombie Jim and Mickey the Bear. I think its so vewy important to have at weast a few fwiends who you are extwemewy cwose to. Best fwiends can be some of the most important ones in your wife. Best fwiends will oftentimes do anything for each other. The Teddy thinks that kind of bond is a vewy speshul one.

The Teddy knows this post hasnt weawwy been much of a weal one. But I weawwy wanted evwyone to know how important fwiends are to the Teddy. Fwiends can help to change you into a better teddy (or humen). The Teddy yikes to think that all her fwiends have helped make her a better teddy. And I hope that I’ve helped make all of my fwiends better.

Well tha’s all for the Teddy for now. I hope you all yiked my simple post. Pwease, if the Teddy has had a positive impact in your wife, let me know. I wove all of my fwiends! Thank you for weading! Bye bye for now!

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