First tweetup!!!

OH! Hewwo there!! Guess what?? The Teddy had her first tweetup!! I got to meet my fwiend Dean Winchestbear!! We met up at an ice cweam shop! We also got to meet Deans bwother Sam! They were bof vewy vewy nice!! And so was thare humen!! She was a vewy nice person!!

We got a banana spwit!!

I didnt want to share it!! I was going to eat the whole thing myself!!

Tweetup 01

But then the Teddy noticed she was being watched…

Tweetup 06

So I invited them to share! But onwy Dean came up to share.

Tweetup 05

We all weawwy enjoyed it!! But WOOK! Sam was weawwy after something else!!!

Tweetup 02

He thought he could just steal the woot beer fwoat!! Notty Sammy!! Teehehehe!!

After we had our ice cweam we went outside and found a faiwy garden!!

There was wots to see in the garden! Wook at all the gweat faiwy things!!

That twee guy was cwazy! He kept talking all gibbewish! Teheehee!!

The Teddy got some gweat photos wif Dean and Sam as well as wif her sibwings!

My wittle bwother, Teddy thought that wog guy was quite fun! He says he could understand him even though we couldnt. He said its because hes a yellow teddy and that made him smart enough to understand him!

Tweetup 16

Fwoppy Teddy was kinda scared of the wog guy!

OH! Then we expwored more of the faiwy garden and the Teddy found a weawwy nice wittle pond thingy!!

I dipped my paw in the water teehehe!!!

Then I was invited to a tea party!! I got to use the faiwy toaster to make toast!

It was so much fun!! The Teddy weawwy enjoyed the tea party!! There was still even more to see!!

A faiwy pwayed music for the Teddy!!

Tweetup 33

Then the Teddy told another faiwy a secwet!

Tweetup 35

The I got more picshures wif Dean and Sam!

OH! Before the Teddy forgets! I found a wandom wunch box!! In a twee!!

Tweetup 15

The wunch box acshuwy twamatized the Teddy, so I got thewapy fwom a faiwy!

Tweetup 22

After my thewapy session we decided to cwimb the archway to the faiwy garden! We were jus hanging out teeheehee!!

Tweetup 50

But a couple of wesidents of the faiwy garden told us it wasnt safe to cwimb so we got down. Then the Teddy cwimbed the faiwy garden sign!! Mweheheeh!!

We still wanted to cwimb so we found a nice twee! The Teddy sat on Deans wap because hes bigger than the Teddy!

Before we went back home, the Teddy decided to welax for a while in a nice fwower pot! Tehehehe!!

Tweetup 46

Then the Teddy had to say bye bye to her new fwiend. But I weawwy hope to hang out wif him again! He and Sam and thare human were all super nice and the Teddy is so happy to have gotten to tweetup wif them!!

Thank you for shawing the Teddys adventure wif her! Me and my sibwings all weawwy apwesheate it! Bye bye for now!!

Question for humens

OH HI! The Teddy would yike to ask a question for humens. Do any of you humens who have teddys of any sort take your teddys outside wif you? Yike, do you take your teddys pwaces?

If you dont, may the Teddy ask why? The Teddy isnt going to judge if you dont. I stay home most of the time myself. Zenkycon was the first weal time that the Teddy went out into pubwic.

The Teddy understands that thare are pwobabwy many weasons why humens wouldnt take their teddys out. I know that some humens are vewy mean and jujmental and that can be a weal detewwant to taking your teddys out. Tha’s part of why the Teddy doesnt go out weawwy.

So the Teddy is jus cuwious. Pwease weave any answers and comments for the Teddy in the comments section bewow. The Teddy apwesheates it. Bye bye for now!

Teddy Fwiends

The Teddy has made a wot of fwiends since joining the onwine world. The vewy many teddys, humens, and anipals that I have met is acshuwy pwetty overwhelming. The Teddy is so vewy happy to have been accepted so openwy and happiwy by evwyone. I hope that I can continue make new fwiends as I continue posting on my bwog and my twitter. The Teddy hopes that evwyone yikes her as much as she yikes them!

The Teddy thinks fwiends are so important to evwyone. Fwiends can be thare for you when you feel you have nobody else. Whenever something sad happens, a fwiend can be thare to pick you up! The Teddy thinks evwyone should twy to make as many fwiends as possible.

The Teddy has a few fwiends who shes gwown espeshuwy attached to, like Zombie Jim and Mickey the Bear. I think its so vewy important to have at weast a few fwiends who you are extwemewy cwose to. Best fwiends can be some of the most important ones in your wife. Best fwiends will oftentimes do anything for each other. The Teddy thinks that kind of bond is a vewy speshul one.

The Teddy knows this post hasnt weawwy been much of a weal one. But I weawwy wanted evwyone to know how important fwiends are to the Teddy. Fwiends can help to change you into a better teddy (or humen). The Teddy yikes to think that all her fwiends have helped make her a better teddy. And I hope that I’ve helped make all of my fwiends better.

Well tha’s all for the Teddy for now. I hope you all yiked my simple post. Pwease, if the Teddy has had a positive impact in your wife, let me know. I wove all of my fwiends! Thank you for weading! Bye bye for now!

Oh hi!

I’m the Teddy! I just wanted to say I wove you all so much! Evwyone Ive met onwine is super nice to the Teddy and I weawwy apwesheate it! I twy so hard to nice and make evwyone happy and make ewyone smile. I feel yike I’ve been doing a pwetty good job so far. The Teddy thinks evwyone Ive met onwine has helped make me better teddy. I weawwy hope that Ive had a positive effect on evwyone. It means so much to the Teddy when you come to my bwog. So thank you so much for visiting and I will twy to keep posting stuff to make evwyone happy. And pwease feel fwee to weave comments for the Teddy if you want. You don’t need a bwog of your own to comment. The Teddy apwesheates feedback. Thank you! Bye bye!

Featured Sibwing of the Day: Teddy

Hi, I’m Teddys bwother. My name is Teddy. It’s kinda a famiwy name, so a lot of my bwothers and sisters are also named Teddy. Teehee! As you can cwearwy see fwom my picshure bewow, I am a yewwow teddy. Yewwow teddys are known for being vewy smart. I don’t mean to say that I’m the smartest teddy ever, but I am pwetty smart. I am also a daddys boy, wich makes my mommy pwetty jewous. I’m not quite as evil as my sister Teddy, but I can be sometimes, teehee! I weally enjoy meeting new teddys and making new fwiends. I can be pretty shy and I tend to get embawassed pretty easiwy.

I get pwetty confused about many things that humens do. Humens are very confusing to teddys. But I do wove my mommy and my daddy. I would never want to wive wifout them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting me. I wish you all a vewy good day. Bye bye now!

Teddy 7

It’s erwy…

It is two forty seven in the morning. My daddy works weally erwy. But that means that me and my bwothers and sisters can pway while he’s away. We just have to be weally quiet so we don’t wake up mommy. If we do, we bwame it on thare kitties, mwehehe!

I hope evwybody has a nice morning. Bye bye!


Ooh, it seems I did not get many visitors on my first bwog day. I hope I’m not a bowing teddy…

Oh well, it’s still fun to have my teddy bwog. But I am going to bed now wif my daddy. Me and my bwothers and sisters hope evwyone has had a good day. Goodnight!Teddy 6


Oh, hi again evwybody. I’m still the Teddy. I do pwan to add photos to this bwog, but it may not be vewy offen. My daddy does not have a smart fone, so I have to do all of this on his waptop. I may also let my bwother and sisters use my bwog too. That’s all, bye bye!

I’m the Teddy

Oh, hi evwybody! My name is the Teddy, but you can just call me Teddy. I wive at home wif my mommy and daddy in some pwace called pencilvania. I have a big famiwy wif wots of bwothers and sisters. I had my daddy start this bwog for me so I could be the Teddy onwine. I don’t weally know what I’m doing, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Oh, that’s all for now, bye bye!

Oh wait. Just so evwyone knows, I’m the most super evil teddy in the whole world. I also wove potatoes. I will steal evwybody’s potatoes and eat them, mwehehe! Oh…but I will share them wif my bwothers and sisters. And maybe other teddys. Bye bye now!