So, the Teddy is wondering something! The Teddy would yike to know how your humen decided to get you all your own social media accounts. Whether it be a bwog or twitter or anything else, why did they decide to do it? Was it jus for fun, or was thare another reason?

My daddy started his twitter for a contest. One day he saw something that was wetweeted and it jus happened to be a post by a teddy. And then daddy started fowwowing teddys on twitter. This is what led to me getting my own twitter!! And I’m so happy he helped me get my own account! The Teddy has met so many gweat teddys and made so many new fwiends!

So, how did you come to have your own social media account(s)? And how has having social media been for you? Have you made wots of new fwiends too? The Teddy is jus cuwious!! Bye bye for you!! The Teddy woves you all!

Teddy 04

6 thoughts on “So..

  1. I saw Sparkie tweetin all the time on the device that she habitually carries and I demanded that I have my own Twitter account! It looked like fun.

    Sparkie is, as you know, a creative person. Runnin a Twitter account for an undead rock legend seemed like a interesting project to take on. We both enjoy it.

    Thus far, I seem to have been well received on Twitter. I’ve made lots of new friends (Including the Teddy, who I firmly believe is the reincarnation of the woman I loved, Pamela Courson – hence PammyBear) and have even succeded in takin down a few neo Nazi accounts!

    All in all, I’m havin a great time!

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    • Oh tha’s a vewy good way to get involved wif social media! It was good that Sparkie yiked the idea so much! Im gwad she did!! Cause I wove my cwazy zombie!!

      Its always fun to take down hateful people!!


  2. The valet was once quite poorly and well meaning friends seemed to only have one topic of conversation – how ill he was. The valets niece bought me to live with him and got him typing for me on Twitter so he could have positive and more cheerful conversations in his days.

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  3. Girl started with her own Twitter account, but she started running across accounts for dogs and cats. So she made Frankie is own account, he now has almost 2600 followers. But she then started making friends who were plushies and she liked how we can go out on adventures and we can’t get sick or die. So she adopted me and made me my own account. I have made many, many friends.

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