Writer’s block…

Oh dear. I’m afraid that in the middle of writing my newest story, I’ve hit a dry spell. I have this really great story idea that my little sister Teddy gave me. And I was getting along very well with the story in my mind. But now I’m having a little trouble continuing with it. So, unfortunately, it will be a while before I get the next story out. I do hope you all don’t mind. My stories seem to be pretty well received and I hate to disappoint anyone by not getting a new one out sooner.

So, please, be patient with me. I’ll try to make this story really worth the wait! Maybe it’ll be the biggest story yet! Please feel free to leave any advice on writer’s block in the comments below. Thank you very much. And, again, I apologize sincerely for the continuous wait on my next story.

Teddy 39

8 thoughts on “Writer’s block…

  1. One of my favourite writers tips for getting around writers block is to write. I know that sounds mad, but the block if often about wanting to make something perfect, running a storyline that just won’t come together. The suggestion is to write what may later be thrown away… knowing you may throw it all ways and giving yourself permission to be less than perfect. Deep breath, and also to take your time.

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      • We totally agree with this advice. If you can not come up with even something that might get thrown out later, write about why you are stuck. Make a list of questions you need to answer to finish the story you are on, or write about why you are stuck or how frustrating it is. Describe every noise you hear or what your characters might be listening to while they are standing around waiting for the next bit of story to move along. Make notes on your next story.
        Sometimes when Minion really gets stuck on stories she did not work out ahead of time, she puts in things like (Insert witty banter here, then they go do blah blah blah and meet a really interesting character I have not come up with yet) and then writes the rest before coming back to fill in the rest.

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  2. Sparkie studied creative writing at degree level. One of her favorite ways to counteract writer’s block is to take a short break from writing and go read for a while. Take inspiration from other creative writers.

    Creativity and inspiration is like a lit candle. It can light as many other candles as you like without reducing its own light and heat. And as Sparkie is fond of saying, “Creativity is not a finite resource.”

    We’ll be patient until the next story is published. You’ve been churning a lot of them out so it’s no surprise that you might be slowing down a little. That’s okay. We’ll wait.

    Looking forward to reading your next piece as always, but there is no rush. 🙂

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