OH! HI!!

I’m the Teddy!! I havent had a bwog post in a while so I thought I would jus say hi to evwyone! The Teddy weawwy yikes to go on walks! And I enjoy going to the park!! Wook at these picshures fwom my wast park visit!!

I had so much fun! It was  a weawwy small park, but still wots of fun!! Heres some more picshures!

Teeheheh!! The Teddy wooks super siwwy in that baby swing!! But then I wook super cool hanging out in that twee!! Theehehe!!

Do you yike to go to the park? If not wheres your favwite pwace to visit??

Bye bye now!! Teeheehee!!!


6 thoughts on “OH! HI!!

  1. Cute little pictures of you, PammyBear! And you don’t look silly in the baby swing, you look real sweet. xx

    Sparkie and Shakie like to take me out to places. Usually gigs or the pub. I always have a great time! I accompany Sparkie to the hospital too. Much less fun, but she always makes certain that we get a sweet treat afterwards!

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  2. Hello dear Teddy,
    thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with us! We LOVE to read about your little adventures and enjoy your lovely photos! We know how much work it is to create such things, because we help our 1st secretary hum mum writing her books and making the illustrating photos and layouts!
    But: at least it is fun and makes you happy when you can help just a bit to make others a bit happy, too!
    Good luck for your continue.

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