Teddy 39

Oh, hi there!! I’m glad to see you all! As many of you know, I am currently writing a new story! As it is taking me a little longer to do, I thought I’d try something new! So please allow me to welcome you to my very first ASK THE AUTHOR event!!

I would like to invite everyone to ask me any questions you may have for me! Anything at all! I’m happy to answer your questions for you! And if you have a question for Teddy or for one of our many family members, please feel free to ask away!

Now, I do ask that you please use the comments section for your questions, if you can. That way we can all see questions and answers! If you ask a question, please remember to stop back by to see your answer!! So, without further ado, let’s get those questions asked!!

8 thoughts on “A SPECIAL EVENT!!

    • Oh yes! I do get writer’s block! It’s a real pain, but it happens. I actually asked some friends for some advice on how to deal with it. One piece of advice that I find helps me the most is just writing. It doesn’t have to pertain to what story I’m writing. The act of writing helps to get the creative juices flowing! I also find that reading helps much same way! Thank you for you question!


    • Oh! Nice question!! As far as I can remember, I’ve always had my eye set on being a writer. I got the confidence to try it out after seeing that many of my friends, like Mawson Bear and Teddy Tedaloo, were successful writers! I hope to have my own book published like them! Thank you very much for the question!


  1. Hello Teddy! First of all we like to thank you for your lovely written blog!
    You know our hum mum and me Greg Bear are writing and publishing books (9 so far). So we would like to know:
    1) where do you get your inspirations for new stories from?
    2) when beginning to write a story, have you already the whole story and the end in mind?
    We are beary interested in your working progress.
    Waves and hugs
    yours Greg & family

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    • Thank you very much for you questions!!
      1) A lot of my inspiration comes from my little sister, Teddy. She’s got quite the imagination and she’s always telling me about her friends and how she would love to go adventuring with them!
      2) It depends on the story. Sometimes I’ve an idea for the whole story. But sometimes I end up changing it halfway through. Sometimes I mak the whole thing up as I go! I find that either way works, depending on the story. It can be fun to have the whole story be a surprise even to me!!


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