My Fwiends

OH! Hewwo! The Teddy wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of her fwiends. When I first joined social media earwier this year, I never weawwy expected too much to come of it. But then the Teddy started to make a few fwiends. And then a few more fwiends. And before I knew it, I had made so many new, wonderful fwiends all over the world. The Teddy would never have imagined that in wess than a year she would have so many fwiends!

The Teddy has had such a fun time wif her twitter and her bwog and her other social media, and tha’s due in warge part to my fwiends! The Teddy was even able to meet a couple of her new fwiends in bearson! It was so vewy fun!

The Teddy has gotten to know some of her new fwiends pwetty well and I feel vewy happy to have gotten that opportunity! I weawwy hope that Ive been as good a fwiend to all of you as you have to me. The Teddy woves all of you so vewy much! Whether its my #FurryTails fwiends, my #FurryTides fwiends, my #Aviators fwiends, my #ZSHQ fwiends, or any of my other fwiends. The Teddy woves you all. Your all so vewy important to me!

The Teddy is wooking foward to another year wif all of her fwiends! I cant wait to see what kinds of fun adventures well all have together! *big hugs* The Teddy woves you all so vewy much! Your all the best Chwistmas pwesent a wittle teddy could ever ask for! Thank you all so much for being my fwiends!

teddy 11

7 thoughts on “My Fwiends

  1. Dearest Teddy girl and wonderful family!
    We are also beary happy that you joined cbs this year! You and your fluffy family became our dear friends which we are beary thankful for!
    Thank you for your lovely blogs! We enjoy reading about your daily life adventures so much!
    Take beary good care of your beloved humans, you know that we teddy bears are their ‘Guardian Angels’!
    We are joyful looking forward to share your blogs in the New Year!
    Merry Christmas & a Happy, Healthy New Year 2019!
    Love, hugs & smooches
    yours Burnie, Greg, Elsie, Bunnies Jane & Janey, Chris & fluffy family xoxo

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  2. Hello Teddy. All Mawson’s bunch love your stories. A request: Kathy’s Crafts has nominated my blog for a Sunshine Blogger award. Part of this entails that I answer some questions and then ask you some questions and then nominate a few other people. Would it be okay if I nominate you? If it is an imposition, just say no of course, and I’ll ask someone else. You can see what its about on Kathy’s own page, here:

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