Wemembering Toddy. Wemembering a fwiend.

It is wif a vewy heavy heart that the Teddy makes this post. This isnt the next bwog post I hoped to bwing you all. But today we wearned that a dear fwiend to many of us has passed away. Our fwiend Toddy Fuwwington (or wather his valet, Kevin)

The Teddy didnt know Toddy as wong as many of her fwiends did. But he was one of the first fwiends that I made on twitter. And what a fwiend he was! Always so vewy kind and fwiendwy to evwyone, Toddy accepted all newcomers with open arms. He always tweated evwyone wif such wespect and decency. A twuer gentlebear you could not find.

The Teddy wemembers how Toddy would always be wight thare at the #FurryTails bar to offer evwyone a dwink or something to eat! It was always so gweat to go and chat wif him or any other fwiends who were thare. Its gonna take a wot of getting used to not having him thare now.

I also wemember Toddy inviting me to join #TheAviators! Such a gweat expewience!! The Teddy wemembers when she first got her wicense! I was so pwoud when Toddy gave it to me!!

Teddy 04

And then he gave the Teddy her pwane! A Sopwith Camel, jus yike Snoopy fwies!! Teheehe!!!

Teddy 03 - Copy

Toddy was so inviting to evwyone. The Teddy will miss him gweatwy.

My bwother Sigh wemembers Toddy well too. He would yike to say something now.

Sigh: Im v-v-vewy sad to hear the n-news about M-mi-mister Toddy. He w-was so nice to m-m-me always!

Sigh: I wememb-ber when I first th-thought of opening m-my shop on twitter. I w-wa-was weawwy nervous at f-f-first but M-mister Toddy encouw-waged me to do it. And Im so g-gwad I did!

Halloween Section

Sigh: I d-dont get to open as often a-as I would wi-wike too, but evwy t-time I did open Mister Toddy would always stop by for s-s-some of his favwite sweets! He w-woved his m-m-mint humbugs!! Ill m-miss him stopping by whene-ever I open #SighsShop.

We all have our own memowies of Toddy. The Teddy never got to meet his vawet Kevin but I can onwy imagine what a wonderful person he was. Im so gwad that some of my fwiends got to meet him. And though the Teddy never got to, Im so so vewy gwad to have met Toddy. Ill never forget the kindness that he bwought to me and to evwyone.

The Teddy would wove it if fwiends could weave a memowy you have of our dear fwiend in the comments. Thank you so much for stopping by my bwog fwiends.

The Teddy has jus one more thing to say.

Goodnight Toddy. May you find the most comfortable bed in the #FurryTails boat house. We wove you my fwiend, and we will never forget you!

32 thoughts on “Wemembering Toddy. Wemembering a fwiend.

  1. Mr Toddy was so kind and friendly to everyfur. He made wonderpurr popycorn at #OTLFP and was such a nice bear to chat with. I is going to miss him furry muchly.

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  2. Toddy was one of my first pals when I got my own Twitter account. He was always so very kind and welcoming to everyone. When I asked him about joining the #FurryTails team, I didn’t think there would be a place for me there. But because of Toddy’s example, the #FurryTails team has become a little like a family. I will miss my friend dearly as will so many others. Today, I am going to have some pistachios and maybe some cocoa. Tomorrow, I think I will have a Toblerone. Rest well, Toddy. Love you always and forever. ❤️❤️

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  3. Beautiful….. he was the kindest and gentle of men. With a heart of gold. We loved every visit and the beautiful bears he gave us. We love kevin for ever💔💔💔

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  4. I got to meet & work with Sir Toddy at #FurryTails just a few months ago. Toddy was always welcoming pals with open arms into the clubhouse. He was a true gentleman, so kind, knowledgeable, loved tea, stouts and pistachios. I will miss him everyday. RIP Sir Toddy. Gone but never forgotten. RIP Kevin, until we meet again.

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  5. Toddy made me so welcome. Me used to visit da baw and expwessed a interest in helping out. Before me new it me was a member of #furrytails baw staff. Toddy is going to be missed by all

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  6. dat wuz soo sweet! tank yew so muzh fur sharing yur memoriez. We all iz so fortunate tu haff shared good timez wiff Kevin and Toddy. Tanks again !! The Bruizzer krew.

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  7. Toddy/Kevin was the first anipal I met and through him I met many others. He was the nicest, kindest soul. I considered him my friend and I will always remember him. Twitter won’t be the same without Sir Toddy. He will be sorely missed.

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  8. Toddy welcome us wif open arms (this is how he iz) helped us wif our #TheAviator uniform and our plane, The Tom Cat. Always share his popcorn 🍿 at da #OTLFP show. Wiz will miss him and Kevin so much. Twitter has lost a big mate 😿😿😿
    RIP Kevin 💔🐻

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  9. Ich habe ihn nicht so gut gekannt, aber wenn ich zu ihm an die Bar gekommen bin, hat er mich immer sehr lieb und freundlich bedient.
    RIP Toddy
    RIP Kevin
    Ich bin traurig. 🐻

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  10. Toddy (& of course his valet) was one of the first friends our Boss made on Twitter, he taught our predecessors and us to Twitter fly, and he organised a lovely tribute flight when our predecessors crossed the rainbow bridge.
    Very sorry not to have met Kevin & Toddy in real life, but the world has lost a lovely, kind spirit that will be greatly missed.

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  11. Toddy was da first gentleman to serve me scotch when I was on Earth and when I passed. He would still serve me at the #FurryTails bar. He was so kind and I will never forget. He served me a scotch and sausage the other day. Thank you Toddy. Now, you and I can hang out at the heavenly pub.

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