Teddys and thare emoshuns

Just yike humens teddys have wots of emoshuns. We also show them diffwentwy.

When the Teddy is happy, I bounce awound. The more I bounce the happier I am.

When I’m a sad Teddy I woll into a ball and woll away. The sadder I am the fawder away I  woll.

Whenever I have been a bad Teddy, I also woll into a ball until my mommy feels gilty and says Im a good Teddy, mwehehe!

If I get scawed, I jus wun away and hide.

Wastwy, when I feel espeshuwy evil I just waff eviwy!

My favwite food

I weawwy weawwy weawwy wove potatoes! Thare just so yummy! I wove them no matter how you make them! Fwench fwies are yummy! So are mashed potatoes! And baked potatoes! And hass bwowns! Unwess they have unyuns. Unyuns are gwoss.

Potatoes taste espeshuwy good when they are stowen! If you have never had stowen potatoes, you should twy them! Jus steal all the potatoes you can! You can be super evil jus yike the Teddy!

Maybe I can start a be evil yike the Teddy scool. I can teach evwyone how to be super evil yike me! MWEHEHE!!

Daddy’s getting wedy for bed

My daddy works weally erwy in the morning so we go to bed weally erwy. So goodnight, evwybody. Thank you so much for visiting the Teddy today. I hope you come back to see me again. Much wove from the Teddy to you! *hug*


Also…some of my bwothers and sisters and me decided to get into daddys cheesecake while he is getting wedy for bed. Merherher, I’m so evil!


I’m the Teddy

Oh, hi evwybody! My name is the Teddy, but you can just call me Teddy. I wive at home wif my mommy and daddy in some pwace called pencilvania. I have a big famiwy wif wots of bwothers and sisters. I had my daddy start this bwog for me so I could be the Teddy onwine. I don’t weally know what I’m doing, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Oh, that’s all for now, bye bye!

Oh wait. Just so evwyone knows, I’m the most super evil teddy in the whole world. I also wove potatoes. I will steal evwybody’s potatoes and eat them, mwehehe! Oh…but I will share them wif my bwothers and sisters. And maybe other teddys. Bye bye now!