The Teddys first con and Faiwie Festival

Oh hi!! The Teddy is excited to go to Zenkycon and Faiwie Festival this weekend! I’ve never gone to a con or Faiwie Fest, so I think it’ll be wots of fun for the Teddy!! I hope to get wots of picshures so I can share my expewiences! My mommy and daddy say people dwess up for these kind of events, so the Teddy is excited to see evwyone dwessed up! I’m not dwessing up for Zenkycon but my mommy made me some makeshif faiwy wings so I can be a faiwy Teddy on Sunday when  we go to the Faiwie Festival! My bwother Spwocket was adopted at the Faiwie Festival, so we’re taking him wif us so he can visit!

I think this weekend will be vewy fun for the Teddy. I hope evwyone else has a good weekend too!! *big hugs* The Teddy woves you all and hopes you continue to visit my bwog! Thank you so much!! Bye bye!

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