Featured Teddy sibwing: Tim Tim

Uncle Percy: Hello everyone! I’m here with my young son, Tim Tim. He’s not really one of Teddy’s siblings as he is her cousin. I was also introduced some time earlier as a sibling. I am, in fact, Teddy’s uncle. Some have wondered how I, a penguin, can have Tim Tim, a Tiger, as a son.  But I do assure you that he is my son. From a marriage long ago. But we shan’t go into detail there! So, let’s say hi, Tim Tim!

Tim Tim: Rrar! Tim Tim say hi!! *waves* Tim Tim happy to meet you all!! Rrar! Rarrr! Tim Tim really young, so like playing games and climbing trees!!

Uncle Percy: Oh yes! Tim Tim is quite a playful little Tiger! I can barely keep up with him! And if he climbs a tree, there’s no way for me to catch him! I mean, I’m just a fat, lazy penguin. I’m not meant to watch after a rambunctious tyke such as Tim Tim!

Tim Tim: RRar! Tim Tim not a handful! Rar rar rar!! *runs around in circles* Tim Tim super easy to watch!! Rrar!! Rrararr!! *runs up a tree*

Uncle Percy: Oh dear! Now I’ll never get him!! Come on, Tim Tim! Come back down to daddy!

Tim Tim: Rrar! Rarrr!! *swings from tree branches* Rarr! Tim Tim having fun!!

Uncle Percy: Oh my. It looks like we may have to go now. It’s gonna take me ages to get this little tiger from the tree! Thank you all for stopping by to meet us! We do appreciate it! Say thank you, Tim Tim!

Tim Tim: Rrar! Thank you! *continues swinging from branches*

Uncle Percy: Bye bye for now!!

Featured Teddy sibwing: Snowball

Hewo! My name is Snowball! I’m Teddy’s bwother! Toohoohoo!!! I’m a siwwy owl! Much like my sister, I enjoy making new fwiends! I enjoy reading and doing puzzles. I also sometimes like to pway games like chess! I’m not vewy good but it’s a wot of fun! I enjoy music too!

Even though I’m an owl, I can’t weally fly. Toohoohoo!! That’s ok though! I pwefer to ride on daddy’s shoulder kinda like a pawwot! It’s much easier that way. If I’m on daddy’s shoulder, I can reach the higher up pwaces where the snacks are kept! I’m not usually allowed to have too many snacks, but sometimes I get on daddy’s shoulder so I can get into the snacks! Toohooohoo!

One thing I would weally like to do is visit the world! I would love to twavel all over and see all the different countries! Pwus, it would be wots of fun to meet teddys and other anipals all over the world! Maybe I can even meet you one day, weader!

That’s it for me, friends! I am glad you’ve come by to read about me! Bye bye! Toohoohoo!!

Snowball 01

Featured Teddy sibwing: Moose

OH! Hi evwyone! I’m the Teddy! This is my bwother Moose! As you may have guessed…he’s a moose. Teeheeehee! Normawy my sibwings would be tewwing you about themselves but unfortunatewy Moose cant. Moose is a mute. He cant talk at all. He acshuwy never makes sound. He even eats siwentwy!

Moose is yike the west of us. He yikes to pway games and cowor and wead. Hes weawwy affectionate and enjoys getting wots of hugs and kisses. Hes weawwy good at hide and seek. He walks so quietwy that its pwetty much impossible to tell when hes about to catch you!

Moose yikes to make new fwiends and is vewy happy to meet you all. Tha’s all for us though. If Moose could talk he would say a big thank you to you all!! If you have any questions for him pwease weave them in the comments bewow. Thank you and big hugs fwom Moose!

Moose 01

Featured Teddy sibwing: Woof

Oh hi!! My name is woof! That’s dog speak for Woof! As you can see, I am a puppy! I’m vewy small. You can’t normawy see my eyes so well. But I figured I should bwush the fur fwom them for my picture, TEEHEE! I may be a small puppy, but I like to have big adventures! I’m generawy up for any adventure!

I’m a vewy friendly puppy and I think I make a pwetty good friend! I enjoy making new friends and would one day like to travel the world! Which would work out vewy well with my dream for the future.

One day I pwan to be a world famous lawyer. As fun woving as I am, I want to be able to help others. It’s my secwet passion. I have my tie, but I still need a suit. Then I want to open my own law firm. I think that I would make a gweat lawyer for the teddy community. I may even look for a partner once I get my firm set up.

As you can see, I have big asperwations despite being such a small puppy. I hope you all enjoyed listening to me. I appweciate it! If you have any advice for a puppy looking to be a lawyer, or if you know where I can get a nice suit to match my baby bwue tie, please let me know! Thank you! Have a nice day, evwyone!

Woof 01

Featured Teddy sibwing: Benjamin Bear

Oh, hi evwyone! My name is Benjamin Bear! I was just adopted yesterday from some pwace called the Goodwill. I was taken home right away because someone had nearly wipped off my left arm. It was vewy painful, as you might imagine. But I’m all patched up now, as you can see below in my picsure.

I have only had one night wif my new bwothers and sisters, but I’m really looking foward to many fun adventures wif them. I try to be a vewy cheerful bear because I believe evwyone needs someone to make them smile all the time. Which works for me because I love to make evwyone smile.

Well, that’s it for me. Maybe I’ll do an update after I’ve lived here longer. Well, I do hope this little bit of time wif me has made you smile, even a little. If you have any questions for me, please leave them in the comments below. It was so nice to meet you all!! Bye bye for now!

B Bear 01

Featured Teddy sibwings: Sewif & Heywo

Serif: Heyyo! My name it Serif and this is my bwother, Heylo. I’m the white teddy and he’s the gold teddy

Heylo: Hi! As you can see fwom our picture below, we’re angel teddies! Well, we’re not weally angels. We just wear angel costumes. We like them so much, we never take them off. Teehee

Serif: We’re very simple teddies. We like to go adventuwing like most teddies. We both like to wead books and we like to dwaw pictures.

Heylo: We weally like food. Our sister Teddy weally likes potatoes. We weally like almost any food!

Serif: But not unyuns. Unyuns are gross!!

Heylo: Yeah! Unyuns are icky!!

Serif: I think my favowite food is pwobabwy waffles. I love waffles with nummy nummy sywup!!

Heylo: Ooh! I do like waffles! But I think I pwefer turkey. Turkey is pwobabwy my favowite food! It’s just so yummy! And you can eat it in so many diffewent ways!

Serif: Oh this is twue! But, maybe we should talk more about us and not just foodstuffs??

Heylo: Oh yeah, teehehee! Sowwy about that! I weally like to watch daddy as he pways video games.

Serif: I agwee! It’s definitewy fun to watch. Though I would pwefer to pway myself. But I’m too small to use a contwoller.

Heylo: We are vewy little.

Serif: Yes, vewy small. But we might be able to use a contwoller together.

Heylo: Oh! That might work! We should twy it now!

Serif: Yes, let’s!

Heylo: Oh sowwy evwyone! We must leave now to test our theory!

Serif: We are sowwy you didn’t learn too much about us. We tend to get distracted easily

Heylo: Yeah, sowwy about that! We weally much be going now! Bye bye!

Serif: Bye bye!

Serif and Heylo 02

Featured Teddy sibwing: Fin Bear

Oh, hi! My name is Fin Bear. I am a very adventurous bear! I was actually just a adopted today! A few hours ago, as a matter or fact. I had to wait to get my piccy taken because I was quite dirty and was told I needed a bath. But now I’m all clean and ready for a new adventure!

I enjoy all kinds of adventures! Whether it be getting engrossed in a book, watching a cool t.v. series, or playing video games with someone, this bear just loves adventure! I noticed that my new daddy has some building toys called Bionicles; I may have to see if he’ll let me build stuff with him! I think all bears should have adventures!

My new sister, Teddy was so kind to let me post this on her personal blog. I think she’s a very nice bear. She tells me that she’s met a lot of nice bears and humans (teddies and humens, as she calls them, respectively) via her blog and her twitter account. This makes me very happy. I love to make new friends and having adventures with them! I’m told that my new big brother, Teddy (woo, it sure gets confusing having so many siblings named Teddy, teehehe!), likes to write stories and plans to become a famous author bear one day;  he hopes to release a compilation book of his stories when he can. Maybe he can write me and any new friends I make into a story. I think that could be quite fun!

Well, I do think that’s enough about me. Please, I would like to get to know you all better, so if you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment telling me about yourself, I would certainly appreciate it! I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed meeting me. Until next time, have a great day (or afternoon or evening, depending on where you live)! Thank you so much for coming to meet me!

Teddy 48

Featured Teddy sibwing: Honk

Heyyo! My name is Honk! I am Teddy’s yittle sister. As you can cyeary see, I am a penguin. Unyike most penguins though, I don’t yive in cold cyimate. But unyike my brother Percy, I do yike the cold.

I’m a pretty fun yoving penguin. I yike to pyay games and read books and draw picshures. I’m kind of shy though, so I do have trouble making new friends. But if you keep at it I will eventuee open up and maybe give you a hug.

I’m a very soft penguin, so I am very good for hugging. But I prefer to be naughty over sweet. So instead of hugs, I might bop your face or push your stuff onto the fyoor. Teeheehee!

I spend most of my time with my brother, Plaid. He’s a moose. He’s so funny! He and I cause mischief and eat fish! We yike potatoes, but not as much as we do fish. Teehee! We enjoy being troublemakers because it’s so much fun!

Oh, I hope you enjoyed meeting me. I’m gonna go eat a fish and break something. Bye!

Teddy 40


Featured Teddy sibwing: Sigh

Oh h-h-hi. My n-name is S-S…my name is S-Sigh. I know Teddy alweady f-featured me wif my bwother T-T-T…my bwother Teddy, but I wanted to t-tell a wit-wit-w-wittle about myself. I am a wittle c-c-cow. I was attacked by s-s-some sor…some sor…s-s-some sort of anim-m…animal before my..my m-mommy and daddy adop…adopted me. You can pwobabwy see in my p-p-picshure that I..I…I don’t have…don’t have…I don’t have eyes. And I have a pwetty b-big booboo on my hea…my head. I think thas why I tal…talk f-f-funny. I asked T-T-Teddy to t-type out how I…how I…h-how I t-talk so that evwyone knows that Im not…Im not ashamed of it.

I weawwy w-wove my bw-bwothers and my…and…and my sis-si-sisters. I used to be m-much shyer than I am now. I weawwy w-wike to pw-pway games wif evwybody. Usuwy one of th-them has to h-h-help me, but we still have wots of…wots…wots of fun.

I think it’s impor…impor…important for evwyone to know th-th-that its ok to wook diffewent. And its ok to t-talk funny too. My m-mommy and dad…mommy and d-daddy still wove me vewy…vewy much. So do my bw-bwothers and sisters. It m-m-makes me a h-happy cow.

Cow Face on HTC Sense 7
Before I g-go, I wanted to share a w-w-wittle song I wote. It’s kinda stupid, b-b-but I wike…I wike it.
🎶 My…my n-name is Sigh and I’m a c-cow!
🎶 B-b-but I can…can’t jump over
🎶 The moon
🎶 Because I don’t know h-how!


Featured Teddy sibwing: Fwoppy Teddy

Hewwo evwyone! My name is Fwoppy Teddy! I am Teddys wittle sister. I wike to sing and dance and pway hide and seek wif my bwothers and sisters.

I’m vewy cwose to my sister Wittle Teddy. She’s so wittle and easy for me to hug. Hugs are vewy fun! I wove to hug evwybody, Well evwybody nice that is! I think evwybody could use more hugs.

Sometimes I wike to be notty and knock my daddys stuff onto the fwoor. Mwehehe!

Even thou I’m a notty teddy sometimes my daddy has been teeching me how to weed books. I weawwy wike books about bears and teddys. I also wike fantasy books. It’s weawwy cool to wead about dwagons and unicones and udder cweatures wike that.

I hope evwyone wikes the Fwoppy Teddy! Bye bye!teddy-27.jpg